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Create New Wedding Albums Using Your Own Old Wedding Photos

Some people think that, once their favorite photo in the album is damaged, it couldn’t be recovered.

But the truth is that the technological advancement has made it possible. Now you can get your favorite photo not only recovered, but remade also.

And if you have the digital copy of your wedding album, you can design your wedding album in your own style with those beautiful images too. Moreover, Digital images are the best option for a photo book, because they retain high quality and resolution when printed professionally.

If you want your wedding album to look beautiful and last longer, then you should take the help of a professional Wedding photographer to get the job done professionally.

Scanned Paper Print Pictures

As we told you above, how some pictures that have been physically turn or damaged could be made over.

One such kind of image is Old paper print pictures which have the potential to be used again.

You just need to do the things, like, scanning the wedding photos and then print the digital images professionally. This is one of the best ideas, in case you intend to use the originals. Also, you never know when they become damaged again and that’s too beyond repair.

Some printing agencies work on the images while removing damaged and torn signs thereof.

Wedding Photo Album Customisation

Getting customized service means your wedding album would be designed as per your taste and preferences. Of course, you can personalize your wedding photo book with the favorite images on the cover of the album.

Standard layout enables you to select a single picture, which you could print on both the front and back cover. You also have the choice to choose more intricate designs. Here, you could print a different image on the front and the back of the wedding photobook design.

Customized Wedding Photo Album Options

Wide range of sizes and styles are available to choose from.

Usually, scrapbook comes in three common sizes. If you want to showcase a landscape imagery, then one is recommended to choose small-sized albums, upto 6’x 4′ in size, as they represent it perfectly.

Whereas Medium sized albums, upto 8′ x 6′ size is a best option for storing portrait pictures, as they have 60 self mount sides for adding photos to.

Portrait or landscape images, of size upto 10′ by 8′ in dimension should go for the large photo album.

Presentation Tins And Boxes

After the selection and printing work, its time to decorate the wedding photo book. For this, you need to focus on presenting it with tin or presentation box, so that it appeals to the eyes of the viewer.

Other benefits are that they preserve your images in the best possible condition and prevent it from any kind of physical damage.

How to Have a Cheap Wedding that Looks Expensive

Cheap weddings are growing in popularity as incomes shrink but that doesn’t mean your wedding cannot be just as lovely and elegant as you had hoped for.  With a bit of planning and putting your limited funds in the right areas, your wedding can look expensive and be just as much fun as those that cost far more.  Here are some tips to consider when planning your perfect wedding day.

Guest List.  Decide now if you want a simple close family and friends wedding attended by just a few or a large gathering of everyone you and your intended and both sets of parents know.  This single decision will have a large impact on your budget.  Your head count will determine venue size, food and drink expenses and more.  You will save money by including fewer guests but if a large group is what you’ve always dreamed of there are ways to accommodate them if you plan ahead.

Venue.  A church ceremony with the reception there as well is your least expensive option.  Another plan is to have your ceremony and/or reception at your house or that of a friend or family member who is willing, providing the space can accommodate your invited guests.  There is no need to pay for a venue but it would be appropriate to pay for carpet cleaning and/or housekeeping before and after as a gesture of goodwill if you impose on a friend or family member.  If weather permits, you can have an outdoor wedding.  Rented chairs aren’t necessarily required.

Invitations.  Invitations set the tone for your wedding but cheap wedding invitations can also be elegant wedding invitations if chosen correctly.  Invitations printed by a process called thermography look and feel like more costly engraved invitations.  The letters are slightly raised and all invitations or wedding announcements are custom imprinted with your specific information.  For example, for $.89 each for 100 invitations, you can purchase online lovely embossed discount wedding invitations with lined envelopes that are elegant and affordable.

Flowers.  Flowers can cost a lot or a little.  Dyed daisies are less expensive than roses and greenery can be used to fill out arrangements allowing you to use fewer cut flowers.  Bouquets can be bunches of flowers wrapped with silk ribbon.  A florist can offer tips for saving money.  Consider using blooming potted plants that can be planted in your yard later. You might also consider using silk flowers.  Craft store coupons are available and they will last beyond your wedding day.  Whether you choose fresh or silk flowers, you can save money by arranging them yourself or asking a friend to help.

Reception.  Nothing says you have to stage a full course seated dinner for your guests.  A reception is an opportunity for your friends and family to congratulate you on your marriage and have a bit of fun gathering in one place.  Punch and cookies are all you really have to offer along with the traditional wedding cake.  Of course you can expand upon that with finger foods and/or a buffet if you feel the need to feed your guests.  To save money, do it yourself by preparing foods in advance that can be put out later by a friend.  The time of day dictates expectations to a large extent so plan accordingly.

The amount of money you spend on your wedding will not affect the happiness you and your fiancé experience once you are officially a married couple.  From the wedding invitations to the honeymoon, it is your wedding and you are the one that needs to be happy with the way it is managed.  Your friends and family are there to support you and wish you all the best and just the joy of having them there will insure pleasant memories whenever you remember your perfect wedding day.

Afghani Marriage Traditions

Marriage is the auspicious occasion which demand gathering. The marriage demands celebration and community feast accompanied with lots of thrills.

Afghan marriage is generally accustomed with the traditions and rituals which have been the part of the ancient culture. Though different tribes are accustomed with the somewhat different rituals, but laws remain same throughout the nation.

In Afghanistan, marriage is a much celebrated event where the entire atmosphere hives with activity.

Marriage between the first cousins is a common practice. When the girl attains the age of ten, search for a prospective groom is initiated by the women folk. Mother and aunts meet the female friends to consult various prospective candidates.

The status of the guy, his background and his looks are considered before deciding the issue. The choice is then presented before the men folk and they take necessary inquires before finalizing the alliance. Once everything is found suitable, the pre-wedding ceremonies are performed to give a public approval of the things.

Actual marriage generally takes place when girl attains the age of sixteen.

According to the local tradition, every marriage requires two exchanges. A dowry is brought by the bride to the husband’s house. It generally constitutes household items which the couple will need for their future life together.

On the other side, ‘mahr’ which is the price for the girl is paid by the groom. It generally consists of livestock, property and money.

Wedding day is the day of great activity for the family. Gathering of friends and relatives is held to compliment the couple and their families. Whole environment presents a festive look.

Special dishes are prepared which include kababs grilled on skewers, nan which is Afghan bread in flat and oval shaped, stewed vegetables and rice cooked with meat.

In the evening, women sit inside the courtyard. The men sit in ‘hujara’, which is a large room with Afghan carpets and cushions. Hujara is place where men sit. In Afghanistan and other traditional Islamic cultures, it is customary to have men and women separated at social events.

Every arrangement for the comforts of the guests is done. In the evening, a feast is organized. As is dictated by the Pushtun tradition of hospitability, the hosts will not eat until after the guests have had their fill.

In the end, music is played to mark the atmosphere with gaiety and excitement.

The Afghan laws govern the marriages. A Muslim man can marry a non Muslim woman but a non Muslim woman cannot marry a Muslim man.

When a Muslim man wants to marry a foreign woman who is non-Muslim and the woman is not “kitabi” that is of the book, she must first convert to Islam. In either case, the court will only register the marriage religiously, with the “nekah ceremony”. When both the parties are Muslim, the Family Court will register the marriage and perform the Muslim “nekah”ceremony. The “nekah”is comprised of the “igaba wa qabul” which is an acceptance agreement and the “khotba”.

In case of both non-Muslim foreigners, the court will register the marriage by performing solely the “igaba wa qabul” or acceptance agreement. The court will also seek to apply the regulations which govern marriages in the couples’ home country. Though Afghan law permits polygamy but American men will not be allowed to marry multiple women.

Afghani Marriage Traditions, Afghani Marriage Styles, Afghani Marriage Cultures Afghani Marriage Traditions, Afghani Marriage Styles, Afghani Marriage Wedding Cultures

Wedding Gifts: A Perfect Choice For Your Friend

You will certainly buy your friend a gift when she is going to get married. Yet, it can be quite difficult for you to choose a good one, especially she is your best friend. This is because you would like to give your friend a perfect and unique gift. The question here is that how you can choose such an item. You should read the following tips if you are currently searching for a wedding gift for your friend.

The easiest way for you to choose the wedding gift is by taking a look at the gift registry. The advantage of this is that you can make sure that you will be buying something your friend needs. However, there can also be a problem if another guest purchases the same item as you do. Besides, it can be certainly that your gift will not be something special or unique when you are following the gift registry. As a result, you may not want to follow this list if you would like to give your friend something really unique.

You may wonder how you can generate some ideas for the gift to bless your friend. Most people will ask such a question when they are planning to buy a wedding gift for their friends. You need to consider this question thoroughly. However, the difficult part here is that there is no standard answer to this question. You will have to answer it yourself. And you will also need to add something personal to the item if you would like to make it special.
It can be perfect if you can sponsor them a trip. Yet you have to do your research beforehand. You may want to prepare the air tickets for the couple. However, you should not do that if you do not know where they love to visit. It is also very important for you to make sure that you are not purchasing tickets to a destination which is the same as their honeymoon destination. The reason for that should be self explained. Besides, it is very true that air tickets can be something quite expensive. You may not want to go for this option if your budget does not allow.

There are also some less expensive options when a unique wedding gift is concerned. A photo album can also be a perfect choice. If you personally know both the bride and groom, you can create an album for their daily life. You will collect their photos and try to create an album out of these photos. On the contrary, if you only know the bride, you may consider creating an album for their wedding photos. Yet, you may need to work with a graphic design in order to create a good album for the couple. Of course you can also create it yourself if you can use graphical software yourself.

It is not difficult to choose a perfect wedding gift for your friend. However, you have to choose it from your heart. This is probably the most important criteria when you are choosing the gift!

Top 10 Unique Wedding Ideas to Surprise Your Guests

Inspiration and creative ideas for a unique wedding can come from almost anywhere, from the suggestion of your friends and relatives to the things you see around you and even from the internet. There are many ways you can make your wedding unique, special and more memorable for everyone. These top 10 unique wedding planning ideas may help inspire you to step outside the norm.

1.    Paper Flowers: No matter the size, paper flowers are quirky and adorable. They are fun to make, too. Paper flowers may help reduce or completely eliminate your flower budget, so you can save your money or splurge on other things that might be important for your wedding. Consider large and oversized paper flowers for your bouquet, or use them as table centerpieces.
2.    Personalized Thank-You Gifts: Find a personalized gift specialist and design party favors or wedding souvenirs that can serve as tokens of gratitude for your guests you can buy reasonably priced party favors in bulk, online. Choose from many products—from personalized chocolates to shot glasses, candies and jewelry boxes.
3.    Do a Dance-Off: This is a great idea for young couples and those who love to dance. Do this at the reception to entertain your guests and to keep the atmosphere lively. Start with the bride and groom and let the groomsmen and bridesmaids in on the fun, too.
4.    Try an Ethnic Reception: Make the reception, cultural or ethnic-themed. Exotic and cultural food can introduce guests to take part and appreciate your heritage. Add ethnic entertainer, singers and music, too. The bride and groom may be dressed in ethnic clothes. A group cultural dance may help break the ice.
5.    Leave Cameras on the Reception Tables: Even if you have wedding photographers, surprise your guests by leaving cameras for them to use to take your photos during the reception. This is a good way to keep your guests entertained and enable them to leave their mark on your wedding album. Consider this idea if you have a small wedding party. Try to provide Polaroid cameras and disposable cameras.
6.    Add Childish Elements to the Wedding Party: Hire go-carts, fill the venue with balloons, arrange for a ball, swim facility to be set up and play party games for children to make the reception more fun and lively.
7.    Serve Exotic Food and Beverages: Surprise your guests with a selection of exotic beverages and food that they can try. The unusual food could be a good conversation starter or icebreaker for non-acquainted family members and friends assigned to sit together in one table.
8.    Outdoor Games: If you have an outdoor wedding, organize fun activities like canoeing or hay rides.
9.    Customize the Toast: You may serve the drink to your guests, too.
10.    Cake Pull with a Twist: This is an old tradition where you place small charms inside one part of your wedding cake. A ribbon should be attached to each charm and it should stick out. Single females are invited to gather around the cake and pull out the charms. The charms usually represent marriage, travel, future children, prosperity, or good luck, but you can add a twist by replacing the charms with pieces of paper with dares written on them.

Tattoo Removal

It isn’t uncommon for people with tattoos to think about how they can get the removal of tattoos. With the growth in popularity of tattooing, there has also been a significant increase in the popularity of removal services. Know that when you start thinking about removal, you are far from being the only one and there are many other people in the same position.

There are different methods for tattoo removal, but laser is the most popular right now. For tattoos, laser removal results in a great deal less damage to the skin, and consequently, much less scarring. Since the concern with tattoo removal is largely cosmetic, this is obviously a major factor in how you will decide to proceed.

In New York, Boston, and in Allentown as well, your best choice will be Tataway. They are tattoo removal specialists, and the only thing they do is removal. In addition, they exclusively use the laser methods for removal, and they also offer an accelerated version of removal called the R20 approach.





Why a Hog Roast is perfect for a Special Event

If you are holding a fundraising event, a fete, or a sports day you want as many people as possible to attend. One way of attracting visitors is to provide plenty of tasty food.


People like eating out. If you provide them with a tasty meal that is affordable, they will be more likely to want to attend your event, stay longer and spend more money, which is exactly what you want.

A hog roast fits the bill perfectly. You can easily find a good quality hog roast in Doncaster, or any other area of the UK.

The British love this type of food, so there are plenty of firms out there that offer this type of catering. You just need to be careful to find a company that has plenty of experience and a good reputation.

You do not need much space to set up this kind of food service. The hog roast machine does not need much room. If you opt to have the meat pulled and served in buns, with stuffing and applesauce, you also do not have to provide tables and chairs.

The fact that a whole pig goes a long way makes it easy to keep the price of each roll down. For family events, this is an important consideration. If the price is not low enough people will opt to bring their own food instead, and you will make less profit.

If you think that a significant proportion of your event attendees will not want to eat pork, a spit roast can still be a good option. This is because modern spit roasters can be set up to roast lamb, beef, turkey and chicken. If you want, you can use two machines and offer these other meats as well as provide a traditional hog roast.

The secret of how to choose the cheap wedding dresses and gowns

The secret of how to choose the cheap Wedding Dresses and gowns

Cheap Wedding Dresses and wedding gowns do not mean a compromise on quality!The wedding dress and gowns is very important as it is every one’s dream to look like a princess. This is because of that most of the brides ges married only once in their lifetime.

Here is the secret of how to find the cheap wedding dresses and wedding gowns with good quality:

Important Of A Wedding Dress

The wedding dress has sentiments attached to it, so it becomes special. At the wedding ceremony, every onewants to have glimpse of the bride and the groom, so brides-to-be feel it is important to look their best. Often, the non cheap price of wedding gowns and dresses causes brides to sideline other important bridal things,like hairstyle, footwear, handbags etc.So you should consider to choose the cheap wedding dress and gowns.

Going For Cheap Wedding Gowns

Whichever fashion you choose, the wedding dress consumes a large portion of the wedding budget. Usually all the designers applaud the uniqueness and exclusivity of their silk and satin dresses. However, you feel frustrated when you see the designer collection with a heavy price tag attached.

Don’t be!So many shops offer sale of their prized collection around the year. Some shops even offer discount price on Boxing Day. This can be a good opportunity for brides-to-be or their families and friends to shop for the cheap wedding dresses and gowns.

Some online stores also offer good deals by allowing you to visit their picture gallery. You can check the availability of various sizes and buy cheap wedding dresses and gowns there. Asking your guests to let you use their wedding dresses for your wedding day is not a bad idea too. Used hand wedding dress or gowns stores can also be a wonderful option for those who don’t believe in spending big money just for a single dress. Most people buy or sell their wedding dresses at these stores.

Some shops also offer this kind of service on internet. If you are convinced about buying a second-hand wedding dress eBay can also be an option however, you need to be alert while shopping as the product displayed might be different from the one, available for sale.

Everyone knows that unqiue wedding dresses can make a big hole in the pocket. Although, a wedding dress is a valued possession but spending a large chunk of your resources on a wedding dress that would be worn for a single day often doesn’t go well with everybody. However, it is up to you whether you want to go for unqiue wedding dresses or buy cheap wedding gown and dress.

All brides dream of exotic wedding dresses. Unique wedding dresses can be tough on the budget. Read why cheap wedding dresses and gowns are the best option to save your cost and time.

Wedding in Dagestan: Learn About Unusual Customs Including Nikah

Marriage ceremony in Dagestani Weddings. What is nikah?

Weddings Like all Caucasian weddings, Dagestani weddings are very raucous affairs. Many guests are invited and there are bags of entertainment. One could say that they are feast for the whole world.

It is common, in the Caucasus, for weddings to be prepared well in advance. All details of the wedding are planned from the birth of a child. A dowry is prepared for the children and savings are put aside. Once the joyful day arrives, it is a like a true fairytale.

Nowhere are weddings more joyful and harmonious than in the Caucasus. Caucasian but particularly Dagestani wedding ceremonies, are no exception to this rule. It is common to hold two weddings, the first of which takes place in the bride’s home, the second of which is held in the groom’s home.

Usually a large crowd is invited for a wedding feast in Dagestan. It can be between 500 to 2000 guests. They come from all over the village and all over the world.

Usually, an arrangement is made with the parents of the bride and a mahr (dowry) is paid to them. This tradition is observed to this day and can even strengthen people’s economic standing.

In the past, the Daghestani wedding was practised with a kidnapping of the bride. This was if the groom was of a lower class than the bride and could not obtain permission to marry his true love. The “kidnapping” was always carried out with the bride’s permission.

Nowadays, this tradition is practically extinct and the custom of stealing the bride has become a rarity. However in accordance with tradition, a person’s nationality and the village and region in which they live are taken into account when searching for a potential spouse.

Customs and traditions in Daghestan are preserved to a greater extent in rural areas. For example, nikah. Nikah is an Islamic ceremony of marriage, it is an essential part of Muslim marriage. Therefore, to perform nikah is compulsory for any muslim who wants to live in lawful marriage unity.

Daghestani custom is shown, in particular, with regard to respecting one’s elders. In accordance with the adat (law), younger siblings do not get married before their elders.

There is an age-old custom in Dagestan that the young couple will have a betrothal ceremony before the actual wedding. Here, they can prove their feelings and suitability for one another. The organisers of the wedding will then carry out the wedding ritual, offer to arrange the union, give the bride presents, and agree on a date for the wedding with the parents of the couple. They then announce the proposal to the ZAGS (Registry Office) and begin the pre-wedding preparations.
On the day of the wedding, the bride’s parents will say to their daughter “My child, life flashes by in an instant. It comes and it goes. Do not forget to live life to the full.” It is a solemn day for the parents of the bride, since their daughter must leave home.

After the ZAGS, the young couple will visit a mosque for the completion of the Shariah marriage (marriage according to Islamic rules). It is called nikah ( another variation of spelling is nikaah ). After the nikah the young couple will go and lay down flowers at certain historical monuments. From here, they will go to a hall for the celebrations. The wedding begins with a veneration of couple’s parents; the bride and groom thank and pay homage to their parents and bow down to them. In Dagestan it is a symbol of good family ties, love, care and homage.

In true Caucasian style, the table is generously covered with traditional, national food and drink such as shashliki, hinqal, kurze etc..

With cultural weddings there are lots of singing and dancing, while with religious marriage ceremonies it may be practised, but in a moderation. The young couple are then given presents, money and sweets. On each of the presents, there will be a note that informs the couple of when they can open the present. As an example, the writing can be: “on the first day of family life,” “on the birth of the first child” or “on your silver wedding anniversary.It is preferable to give cash money for a gift at a Dagestani wedding.

The wedding finishes late in the evening. After the wedding ceremony, all guests go to the groom’s place. One of the most poignant moments in the wedding ceremony is when the bride enters the groom’s house. On entry, the guests shower her with nuts, sweets and coins.

For Caucasian weddings, it is normal that the wedding feast lasts for a few days – it all depends on the finacial situation and social status of the families of both the bride and groom.

Top Ten Wedding Gifts Ideas

1. Photo Frames

Engraved photo frames make perfect presents for Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and Brides.

Our photo frames are engraved free of charge so each gift is personal and extra special. We have photo frames designed especially for Bridemaids, Mother of the Bride and Groom Frames, engraved frames for the happy couple and charming photo frames ideal for birthdays too. Take a look at our Christening Photo Frame – it’s proving very popular!

2. Tankard – plain

1pt polished pewter tankard. Manufactured by Sheffield craftsmen exclusively for

3. Silver Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver & Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant with 16″ Chain. A charming pendant for any occasion. Beautifully presented in an engravable silver case.

4. Heart Handbag Mirror

Heart shaped silver plated handbag mirror in black velour carrying pouch. Regular and magnifying mirrors with click close feature.

5. Silverplated Cufflinks-Square

High quality square silverplated cufflinks. Supplied in a smart silver case.

6. Trio Crystal Handbag Mirror

Silverplated handbag mirror in black velour carrying pouch. Regular and magnifying mirrors featuring 3 cubic zirconia.

7. Hip Flask Plain

6oz polished pewter hip flask. Manufactured by Sheffield craftsmen exclusively for

8. Best Man Personalised Cufflinks

Silverplated cufflinks. One engraved “Best Man.”, the other with a name & date of your choice. Supplied in a smart silver case.

9. Usher Personalised Cufflinks

Silverplated cufflinks. One engraved “Usher”, the other with a name & date of your choice. Supplied in a smart silver case.

10. Oval Handbag Mirror

Silverplated handbag mirror, regular and magnifying mirrors with click close feature.

Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversary of Parents

Wedding anniversaries are very important in everyone’s life as it is the reminder of one of the most wonderful moment of every couple’s life that is wedding. Every wedding anniversary has its own importance but one of the big ‘milestones’ has their own importance.

The tradition of anniversary gifts was at the first started by the Victorians. Anniversaries are not less than any achievement and the anniversary gifts makes this special occasion more exceptional. You should consider gifts made from certain type of material when you want to gift your parents golden wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts for their magnificent journey of life.

The homemade anniversary gifts made by the children are the best golden wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts for their parents. This kind of anniversaries gift is loved by parents as it directly touched their hearts. Moreover handmade anniversary gifts are an easiest way to show your creativity talent to your parents.

Below given are some superb ideas of golden wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts that can help you to touch the heart of your parents on their special day.

Put together a CD – Putting together a CD with the songs of their era of marriage is a wonderful idea for golden wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts. By this gift your parents can recall the wonderful moment of they have spend during their marriage.

Memory photo album – This is another ideal anniversary gifts for your parents. You can also collect few memorable pictures of the years they have spent together. Pictures of their wedding, family photographs and the places they visited together or with the family and it could be anything which is really closed to their heart. Nothing could be better than this kind of golden wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts for any couple.

Writes Poem – If you are a good writer and usually write poem then you can write a poem for your parents for their anniversary. You can use special theme or use golden or red colored pens which represents the golden or ruby anniversary. To present your golden wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts in a special way you can frame the poem and gift it to your parents.

Wish Tree – Another anniversary gifts you can give your parents is a wish tree which you can paint in golden or red according to the golden or ruby anniversary. You can decorate the wish tree by ribbons, pictures of family members, friends and other major events that they have come across in their life after their marriage.

There are various ideas for the golden wedding gifts or ruby wedding gifts for your parents that you can select according to your budget.

Learn about Korea’s Unique Wedding Culture!

Sanggyeonnye (D-180)

Sanggyeonnye refers to the occasion where the parents and relatives of both of the couples’ families meet for the first time to discuss the marriage. It is the first official step towards a marriage. Once a couple decides to get married, the man visits the woman’s parents to receive their permission; then the woman visits the man’s parents to greet them. When both parents agree, the sanggyeonnye is held.

Yedan (D-70)

Yedan originally referred to the silk garments that the bride sent to the groom’s home. In the old days, silk was rare and expensive and was considered as a good gift item for showing respect. Traditionally, the groom’s family sent silk to the bride’s family; the bride would personally make clothes for her parents-in-law using the silk and then send it back; then, the groom’s family would send money back in appreciation of the bride’s efforts. Today, however, all gifts sent by the bride to the groom’s home are simply called yedan regardless of content.

Tip: What gifts were used asyedan?

In the old days, only goods were offered as yedan; as the times changed, however, money is also being sent for the purchase of wanted goods. Yedan is usually sent to the groom’s home about a month before the wedding. Together with money, some people also send a set of tableware, silver spoon set, and luxurious beddings.

Wedding Photo (D-50)

With the passage of time, weddings have transcended its strictly ritualistic characteristics but have maintained its place as a memorable and pleasant event. As such, taking wedding photos before the wedding has become a must. Many pictures are taken in a studio, but outdoor photos have also become common. Royal palaces such as Gyeongbokgung, arboretums, theme parks, or other memorable locales are used to take pictures. Wedding dress, tuxedos, hanbok, and comfortable casual clothes are all worn to reflect couples’ different lifestyles.

Ham (D-10)

If yedanis the gift by the bride to the groom’s family, ham(pronounced [ha-am]) is the gift from the groom to the bride’s family. Originally, the hamwas sent the day before the wedding but it has become more common to send it on a pre-determined date prior to the wedding. Inside the ham, which is a gift box, are a carefully prepared proposal letter, blue and red silk, and a list of necessary items. The ham, which is wrapped in a red cloth called bojagito stem all bad spirits, is sent to the bride’s home by hamjinabi, the male responsible for delivery of the ham to the bride’s home.

Tip: Significance of gifts

• Proposal letter: The letter is personally written by the groom’s father to thank the bride’s parents for sending their precious daughter as their daughter-in-law. This bears the significance of recognizing and blessing the marriage. 

• Blue&Red Silk:Also called chaedan, the blue and red silk was originally cloth material for making hanbok. The blue silk is wrapped in red paper and then tied with a blue string; the red silk is wrapped in blue paper and tied in red. This signifies the harmonious union between the man (blue) and the woman (red). The string signifies the binding of two hearts into one for everlasting love.

Wedding Ceremony (D-DAY)

The wedding ceremony is a public ritual to notify the public of the couple’s marriage. In Korea, there are two types of wedding ceremonies. The first and most common is the Western-style wedding held in a wedding hall or church. The other is the traditional Korean wedding, which is becoming more popular among young couples that want to have a unique experience. The traditional wedding involves the bride and the groom bowing to each other in traditional wedding outfits and sharing a cup of liquor in a gourd to vow their full commitment to a happy marriage to heaven and earth. After the actual wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom participate in a pyebaekceremony to bow to the groom’s parents. During pyebaek, the parents throw chestnuts and jujube fruits to encourage many offspring and bless a happy marriage.

Visit to the Bride’s Home (D+7)

After returning from the honeymoon, the married couple would visit the bride’s home to show their respect to the bride’s parents. That night, the couple stay there to spend the night in the parent’s room. This signifies that the parents commemorate and congratulate their daughter’s return as the wife of a man. The next day, the couple leaves for the groom’s home with ibaji,food carefully prepared by the bride’s mother.

Ibaji Food (D+8)

Ibaji comes from the word ‘ibajihada,meaning ‘to contribute’. The bride’s mother usually prepares ibaji right after the couple’s return from the honeymoon. It is prepared with great care to send to the in-laws through the daughter. The food can vary depending on the family style and regions, but commonly consists of galbi, seafood, fruit, and tteok (rice cakes), all made elegantly. In some cases, simpler fare such as with tteok, fruit, and hangwa is prepared. Ibaji food contains the love of the bride’s mother wishing that her daughter would be loved by her parents-in-law and would have a happy marriage. Upon receiving the ibaji food, the groom’s mother also sends back food as a sign of appreciation.

Tip: Regional Difference of Ibaji Food

• Gaeseong in North Korea:The bride prepares the food by herself at the groom’s home. It consists of tteok, noodle, and side dishes. 

• Gyeongsang-do Province:One day before the wedding or on wedding day, both families exchange tteok, fruit, galbi, and liquor.

Where to Find Traditional Korean Weddings

There are two places holding traditional Korean weddings in Korea. Usually, the wedding ceremonies are held during the weekends in lieu of weekdays. Weather permitting, they are held outdoors so visitors can witness the ceremony.

Some Important Features of Indian wedding card designs

Wedding invitation is not only used to invite the people to attend the auspicious occasion, where two people vow to carry on their lives together but has lot of other significance too. The quality of the event or the prestige of the host is often judged from the card that is sent out for invitation purpose. Hindu wedding cards reflect different values, tradition and beliefs of the community.

Unique features of Indian wedding card designs

Some important features of Indian wedding card designs have been stated below as a guide that can be used when going to buy one.

1. Structure: Mostly Hindu wedding cards have two sides and on both the sides beautiful patterns and art work are present. The card is put in an envelope which matches the card inside and then dispatched for wedding.

2. Colors: Though one has the option to choose any and every color in their wedding card, however, there are certain colors which are considered as auspicious for the wedding occasion. Most of the wedding cards are in colors of red, yellow, green, orange and so on. Choosing of such color has certain significance and they signify fertility, prosperity, joy and other factors. In case of theme wedding the color of the cards are kept in coordination with the color that is used in decorating the venue and also kept in coordination with the clothes worn by the bride and the groom.

3. Designs: Hindu wedding cards are designed using motifs such as candle, folded hands, swastik, and earthen lamp and so on. Scroll work in green, metallic gold, silver tones can be seen to give a traditional touch to the wedding cards.

4. Spirituality: Hindus being deeply religious and spiritual, it gets reflected in the wedding cards too. Pictures of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha can be seen in most of the Hindu wedding card to seek blessings on behalf of the bride and groom right from the beginning of the new journey. For a life long and happy marriage, the first card can be seen being placed under running water by many families in different parts of India.

5. Wordings: Inside the cards lay the actual invite with carefully chosen words. Mostly the details of the bride and the groom and their parents are provide along with date, time and venue of the wedding ceremony and other functions associated with the ceremony. Some time the invites are made by writing a poem. Also, verses from holy books of the Hindus are quoted in some cards.

6. Safekeeping: Quality of the cards is quite important as the cards are preserved for a long time. Hence, after discussion with the family members about the different features that should be there in the cards, everything should be finalized. This is done to create the ideal design with perfect wordings that would be appreciated by one and all.

Services of experienced vendors can be sought while zeroing on the wedding card for one of the most important day in a person’s life. They have different samples from where ideas can be taken to make the wedding invite unique and beautiful.

Top 10 Cheap Wedding Favors of All Time

You don’t really have to give wedding favors on your wedding day. It is however a great way to show your gratitude for the presence and support of friends and family. For couples on a strict budget, a cheap wedding favor that will not go over $2 per piece is ideal. Here are some suggestions for your cheap wedding favor.

1. Homemade Bookmarks

Buy a ream of stiff, high quality special paper for your cheap wedding favor. Use a simple lay-out software to create a couple of bookmark sized squares for each piece of paper. Put your wedding picture on each square and a poem or message and print on your laser printer. Cut out the bookmark squares, punch a hole on each and attach silk ribbons.

2. Message in a Bottle

Order small, empty party favor bottles in bulk for your cheap wedding favor. Print and slip in a special wedding message for each bottle. Wrap each bottle in tulle or put a ribbon around each.

3. Charity Cards

Donate a dollar to your favorite charity for each guest or for each couple at your reception instead of handing out wedding favors. Give each guest a thank you card that also says that you have given an amount in favor of your charity. Some of your own guests might even want to make a donation too.

4. Sea Shells

Plan a trip with your friends to the beach and collect some smooth, great looking shells for your cheap wedding favor. Brush and carefully disinfect each shell and then wrap in tulle and silk ribbons. You may also instead have your cheap wedding favor engraved with your names.
5. Flower Seeds

Buy some flower seeds in bulk or per sack. Stitch some mesh or tulle cloth into little packs and slip in a handful of flower seeds. Write a message on a tag and attach to your cheap wedding favor.

6. Wedding Cookies

Go for a variation on fortune cookies for a cheap wedding favor. Bake a batch of mini cookies and slip different messages on each cookie. Pack a couple of cookies in small paper boxes and wrap each box in tulle and ribbons.

7. Glycerin Soap

Get some materials from a local melt and pour glycerin soap supplier for a cheap wedding favor. Most purchases include beginner’s instructions. Customize each cheap wedding favor with dye scents, and molds of your choice.

8. Poem or Message Box

Type a couple of messages on small square slots on a piece of special hard paper. You can quote Biblical passages, famous lines or you can come up with your own personal messages and short poems. Cut out the pieces and place the pieces in small boxes tied with ribbons.

9. Silk Fan

Purchase silk fans in bulk and have your names engraved at the side or attach a card at the bottom with some silk rope.

10. Wedding Jam

Buy small jam bottles in bulk. Fill each bottle with your homemade jam and attach a card with your name and wedding message on each cheap wedding favor.

Wedding Ceremonies in Pakistan

Marriage in Pakistan is a family event of happiness and festivity. The occasion of marriage brings together all the family members and neighborhood under one roof. A Pakistani marriage generally consists of four main ceremonies of nikah, mehndi, rukhsati and valima however; such smaller events like mangani (engagement), mayoun (applying hina on bride’s hand), dholki (drum beating) are also celebrated by some people along with main functions.

Mangani (engagement) is the formal engagement or commitment of the couple destined to become married. Rings are exchanged between boy and girl and a tentative wedding date is decided at this time. After the engagement, formal preparations for the wedding start.

Concept of Jahez (Dowry) – There is a concept of Jahez (dowry or bride’s wealth) in Pakistan which though doesn’t have any religious standing, but still people feel a need to give dowry to their daughters in order to boost family’s social standing in the eyes of the boy’s family.

Burry (gift from the grooms family to bride) – The boys family prepare burry to be given to the girl. This includes clothing and jewelry.

Mayoun (applying ubtan on bride’s face and body) is usually the first event of a wedding. From this day on, the bride is proscribed from the groom’s eyes till the day of marriage. Ubton, a herbal concoction is applied on bride’s face and body. Everyone wears yellow clothes to blend into the colors of ubton. Some people also recite Quran or hold Quran khawani at homes to seek Allah’s blessings. During Mayoun, friends and family sit in circle with Dholak (a horizontal two-sided percussion drum) and sing traditional wedding songs throughout the evening. The Mayoun generally merge in to Dholki.

Mehndi or Rasm e-Henna is generally celebrated couple of days before wedding. The bride wears a yellow dress for this event and uses only light, or no, make up. Flowers are worn by women like gajray (flower garlands) in place of jewellary. While the groom wears a white shalwar kameez. The bride and the groom are brought forward under a decorative dupatta by their close relatives and friends. The women of the family sing traditional wedding songs and dance on this occasion. The bride’s palms and soles are decorated with intricate Mehndi designs.

Nikah is the Islamic marriage contract. It takes place at the bride’s house or sometimes at the Masjid. The Nikah Khawan (Authorized person for recording the Nikah) normally Imam Masjad (head for prayers). The bride and groom must both have three witnesses present. A close male relative asks from girl her consent and gets her signatures on the Nikahnama. Dried dates are served to guest to celebrate.

Baraat (for boys) or Rukhsati (for girls) is the main day of marriage. It kicks off with Sehra-bandi. The groom wears a sehra (a veil of flowers) from his residence. Family members of the groom present him gifts or salami (gift money). The reception of barat is organized by the bride’s family so it traditionally takes place in the bride’s home (hotels or marriage halls); tents may be set up to accommodate guests. The place is suitably and auspiciously decorated with lights for the festive occasion. The bridegroom starts out from his home in a form of procession on cars (traditionally on a decorated horse to the music of shenai (a shrill flute) and dholak (drums) with his family and friends. They are greeted by the bride’s family with flowers garland and rose petals.

What happens at reception of barat? It is customary for the bride’s sisters and friends to stop the barat from entering the arena until a sufficient amount of cash is given to them. Other traditional rasams include doodh pilai (milk drinking), jooti chupai (hiding shoes). The bride traditionally wears a heavily embroidered red outfit along with jewelry while the groom wears sherwani with a sehra or turban. Food, sweets, pans are served afterwards in feast.

Rukhsati (see off ceremony) takes place, when the groom and his family leave together with the bride. Usually Quran is held over the bride for blessings. The departure of the bride becomes a very emotional scene as she says farewell to the home of her parents and siblings to start a new married life.

At groom home (welcoming ceremony) – Upon arrival at home of groom the traditionally the eldest female members of the family welcome the grooms with prayers, a typical job to do is using water utensil revolving around the heads of bride and grooms.

Valima (feast dinner) is the final day of wedding celebrated at the house of the bridegroom. It mainly consists of a feast dinner. The bride wears dress and jewelry provided by the groom’s family.

Kurdish Wedding Traditions Culture

Kurdish Culture
Kurdish culture has distinctive traits that are very dissimilar to Toronto traits. Kurdish traditions are similar to those of the Iranians. Some of these similarities include the celebration of different occasions like weddings. Additionally, both cultures celebrate Newroz, which is their New Year celebration. Newroz is celebrated on twenty first of March. Kurds are considered as moderate Muslims thus the less observation of Islamic rules. For example, Kurdish culture allows women to work outside their homes. Unlike other Muslims, Kurdish cultures have less restriction about women wearing the hijab. The Kurdish people also have unique wedding cultures admired by many people around the world.

Kurdish Marriage Procedure
Unlike Toronto weddings, three or four men and women with an advanced age visits the brides home before the ceremony as dictated by the Kurdish wedding traditional culture. In the first day of visit, the visitors tell the bride’s parents the reasons for their visit. The purpose of this visit is to inform the girl’s parents about their interest in her to get married to one of their own. After explaining their motive, the girl’s parent may agree or refuse to hand their daughter for marriage.

When the girl’s parents show some interest, the guests ask for some water. The girl’s parents then ask her to serve the guests with water. The objective of this act is to give guests a chance to view the girl’s stature, character as well as appearance. According to Kurdish wedding traditional culture, the girl is supposed to stand there until the guest finish drinking water. If the guests are impressed with the girl, they organize a second visit. In the second visit, the guest comes along with the man intending to marry the girl. The elderly guests introduce the man to the girl and her parents. This gives the young girl and man a chance to interact and know each other. According to Kurdish wedding traditional culture, the ceremony kicks off only when the man is pleased with the girl and agrees to marry her. When this happens, the elderly guests request the girl’s parents to hand their daughter for marriage. When both girl and young man are happy and satisfied, the wedding ceremony is prepared. Unlike Toronto weddings, this wedding is prepared within the same day.
Actual Wedding Ceremony
Just like Toronto weddings, Kurdish people celebrate during unification of a man and a woman. During this ceremony, there is performance of music performed by traditional musicians. According to Kurdish culture, there are three categories of music performance. This includes storytellers, minstrels as well as bards. Majority of songs performed are meant to cement love between the lovers. Some songs have an epic characteristic because they praise the wedding couples as heroes and winners. According to Kurdish culture, music performance stars one day prior to the wedding occasion.

On the actual day just like in Toronto, the groom puts a ring on the bride’s finger while present audience celebrates the occasion in song and dance. As song and dance is taking place, the young man’s relatives offer presents and gifts to girl’s parents. This serves as a sign of appreciation. According to Kurdish wedding traditional culture, the ceremony ends after presentation of shara buke, which is a shawl, placed on the bride’s head. The shawl must have white, yellow as well as red colors on it. Two rings are put on the bride’s finger. Following Kurdish wedding traditional culture, the main ring symbolizes engagement while the second ring symbolizes the right of the husband to visit the home of the bride any time he wishes.

The Seven Meaningful Wedding Gifts for the Newlyweds

Here comes a wedding invitation again. Which dress to wear is not the only thing that immediately pops out of your mind as you read through the invitation; which gift to give is also another. Because the newlyweds or one of them is very dear to your heart, you do not want to buy just about anything you see in gift shops or department stores. You hope to come up with something unique or something meaningful. It may be challenging, but you wish to think of a gift that will truly be appreciated by the newlyweds. Here are some suggestions:

1. Poem

Because poem is composed especially for the bride and the groom, its words come from the heart of the author or the gift-giver. Moreover, it conveys the story of the couple. This is why this gift is something that they will both treasure. Make sure it is not too long, though. The newlyweds may end up feeling bored, reading a lengthy poem.

2. Childhood possessions in a frame
Isn’t it sweet of you to dig into their treasure chests just to look for their possessions (such as their old toys) while they were young? Isn’t it very significant for the newlyweds to display their framed childhood possessions in the wall of their first home? This is the kind of gift that shows big efforts and genuine idea.

3. Oil painting or portrait
This type of wedding gift will surely earn a space in the house of the newlyweds, either in the living room or bedroom. This may be expensive, but this will definitely earn the attention of the couple, as well as the visitors.

4.  Scrapbook

With permission from the couple, you may make a compilation of their pictures together. It is high time to let your creative juices out to come up with a meaningful wedding gift. A necessary first step is to present the photos in chronological order to make reminiscing more enjoyable. Afterwards, write captions, as told by the newlyweds. Consider writing wacky captions. Do not forget to buy tiny bits of accessories, and colorful ribbons and pens to design the scrapbook.

5.  Personal CD
Make a compilation of their favorite songs. Create a power point slideshow presentation or a moviemaker clip. Ask for their personal photographs to include. If possible, include their messages for each other. Burn them in a compact disc (CD). Design a creative cover for the CD. If possible (again), make it ready on the wedding day itself. Let the visitors watch the presentation.

6. Bed sheet
This is the kind of gift that will surely remind them of you. With their names embroidered on it, you have shown that you have given your personal touch to the gift.

7. Book
Give not a usual book. Buy the one that tackles about making a relationship last a lifetime, building a happy family, and raising kids. Choose a title that is interesting to read.

Awesome Budget-Friendly Wedding Anniversary Gifts She’ll Love

Tradition of giving anniversary gifts is nothing new to us. To toast a milestone of happy married life and celebrate the togetherness, the couples give gifts to each other. No wonder! There is nothing better than a gift to express the love and respect that the couple have for each other. However, many people get perplexed while shopping a unique wedding anniversary gift, typically the husbands who are not able to come across the perfect gift ideas.

No wonders! Finding the perfect anniversary gift oftentimes seems tough to figure out, leaving the husbands’ behind with loads of confusion. Now the million dollar question that keeps spinning inside the head of a husband is: what is the most appropriate gift for her affectionate wife for the soon-approaching anniversary? Well, here are some budget-friendly wedding anniversary gifts ideas for her that we have handpicked for you:

  • Surprise her with “Gift Per Hour” idea and make the whole day special for her. As the name indicates itself, it starts with gifting her something special every hour on the happy occasion of wedding anniversary. You can wake her up with fresh flowers and cards followed by a unique yet special gifts such as a pair of earrings, bracelets, necklace, couple mug, an eyelash extension kit, a trendy dress, a pair of stylish footwear and finally end the day with a romantic dinner date that she’ll never forget.
  • Gourmet Wine and Chocolate Basket is the great anniversary gift to consider. Gift her pair of favourite gourmet chocolates along with wine and voila!
  • Designer handbag (purse) or wallet is another amazing wedding anniversary gift that she’ll definitely love. Never give an empty purse. Instead stuff it with a charm bracelet, a love letter and of course, a few chocolates to see her face light up with surprise.
  • Another great anniversary gift that you can consider is wrist watch. It is the perfect gift for anniversaries that she’ll love. Some of the best brands for women watches are Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Mavoda, Fossil, Burberry and Omega. Depending upon your budget, surprise her with a stunning wrist watch on celebrate your special day.
  • Express your feelings with a beautiful collage of wedding pictures and happy moments that you have shared. Trust me, it is one of the most memorable and cost-effective wedding gift. For more impact, you can roll it up with a ribbon and put it in a wine/champagne as well as some love notes.

Bottom line: While buying an anniversary gift idea for your affectionate wife, most of the husbands want something romantic, but not corny; unique without being totally random. The above-mentioned wedding anniversary gift ideas are the absolute hits that your lady surely love (we swear). Happy wedding anniversary!

Adler Planetarium

Neighborhood: Museum Campus, Northerly Island
What an amazing place! The event spaces are so out-of-the-box, from the Café Galileo, which frames a view of Chicago’s glittering skyline through a wall of glass, to the Clark Family Welcome Gallery, where you can project a photo slideshow or video onto any of four screens. The catering is eco-friendly, with menus based on local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Plus you can add a special show to your event, like taking your guests on a journey through the cosmos.

Adler Planetarium
Adler Planetarium
Adler Planetarium

Customized Engagement and Wedding Rings: Pros and Cons

If you want to have a ring that uniquely fits the love and commitment you have for your future life partner, you should probably go for a custom-made ring. However, before you finally make a decision, we take a look at the pros and cons of choosing customized jewelry in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Here are some of the advantages:

Uniqueness – Through customization, you come up with something that is unique and that purely reflects your own personality and both of you as a couple. You can create something that tells your love story to the world.

Creativity – During the design process, a lot of couples become so creative. They come up with ideas that are purely theirs. Also, couples find the process exciting and fun. And such a creative undertaking can actually be the start of their life together as husband and wife.

Convenience – It could be difficult to find the perfect ring that you know in your heart perfectly symbolizes your love for each other. Although, jewelry stores have lots in their collection, at times having so many choices can be overwhelming. With a customized ring, you get what you really want – what you envision will come to life.

However, going for a customized jewelry in Tulsa has some trade-offs as well:

Costly – This is one of the major disadvantages. Although it is the material and the complexity of the design that greatly affect the cost of the ring, do not be surprised to pay double or even triple the price compared to a ready-made one.

Time-consuming – Unlike a ring displayed in a jewelry store which can be purchased anytime, a customized ring needs to be created first. The process can take up months, so it needs to be processed as soon as possible if you want it to be ready for that special day.

Collaborative – This is a collaboration between you and the ring specialist. The process requires involvement of both parties from start to finish. And even after the final product is delivered, it can be possible that a few adjustments or even alterations will have to be made. Also, even if it is customized, the jeweler also has a final say to the design, especially in terms of materials and complexity. Limits will still be set.

Unpredictable – Unless the ring is already on your finger, you will not know how it feels, how heavy it would be or how it would actually look on you.

These are some of the main pros and cons of a customized engagement or wedding ring. So, before you finalize your decision, carefully think things through. Also, you will have to find the right jeweler. With the several service providers of customized jewelry in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it can be very daunting to make your pick. Thus, research carefully, ask around and compare prices. After all, we are talking about not just any ring but one that symbolizes your love and commitment with each other, and one that you will wear for the rest of your lives.

Creative Wedding Invitation – To Cherish Wedding Memories Forever

Wedding cards are something which gives the first impression to the guests. As they say, “First Impression is The Last Impression”, it is very important to have a good eyeing wedding card in order to create excitement in the guest’s mind.

Traditionally, Indian wedding Cards often include 2-3 page wedding invitation for various functions inside an attractive envelope with a separate box of sweets. Times are changing now, new creations and innovations are taking place in the Wedding Cards Business. One such innovation is a Wedding Invitation Box. The Wedding Invitation Box happens to be a wooden box which has space for sweets or chocolates as well as the wedding card, both kept together with a thin wooden plate acting as a partition.

It is a three dimension wooden box which may be in different colors, shapes & designs and sizes depending upon the theme of the wedding. These boxes are not only convenient but also look attractive and gives a distinctive feel to your wedding invitation.

These boxes are usually available at leading wedding card stores. The design and outlay of the box depend on the designs available with the store. If you wish to go for a different and customized design, some vendors do provide this facility as well. Apart from that, there are a few vendors’ 3-D printing cafe which can also help you in printing your customized designs. Though, 3-D printing is not very common, but it is a very upcoming and usually an expensive trend.

3-D printed cards might be a far off option, but in the meantime, if you wish to get your customized wedding box design, you can look forward to the present vendors offering many options. A well designed wedding card box can cost you between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 per box including the cost of cards, sweets and chocolates.

One should often look for combined packages which include cost of cards, box, sweets & chocolates. Purchasing everything separately usually ends up being more expensive and botheration.

One other advantage of such invitation boxes is that they end up being used as a good souvenir by the guests and regularly remind them of the good memories of your wedding. So, go ahead and give your guests a pleasant and designer wedding invitation which they could cherish all their life. This way you can leave an everlasting impression on your guests to recall sweet memories of your marriage.

Tips in Choosing Cheap Wedding Invitations


Choosing wedding invitation cards is absolute important as they give the first impression of what your big day will be like. First of all, a wedding invite should reflect the theme of your wedding and then serves the purpose of being enjoyable keepsakes.

For all this, it doesn’t mean that you should buy the invites as expensive as possible. It is actually not wise to spend too much. There are thousands styles and kinds of discount cards, which can make you confused to choose a particular one. Read on and the followings are some guidelines for you to choose the best one.

As mentioned above, the first you have to consider in picking up a wedding card is the theme and the whole tone of your wedding. Will your wedding be modern or traditional? Is your wedding grad or simple? What’s more, your personal taste and your whole budget matter a lot. Nevertheless, you will absolutely find a wonderful wedding invitation if you want. You can even buy some cards and design your own invite, just buying a printing kit!!! That will be extraordinary meaningful.

The kind of wedding you have, such as traditional or destination, generally determine the type of your wedding invitation cards. You may need a formal invitation if you want a traditional wedding. For another, a modern wedding will require a modern kind of invites, such as a beach wedding will call for a beach theme card. Traditional would only contain texts and are usually upright and folded with the words engraved on the side.

You can buy the marriage cards in a solid shop or just online or somewhere else. Choosing a supplier is very important as some suppliers offers personalized service as well as helping you chooses the right and your favorite and also not expensive Wedding Invitations, such as helping you right the wording in your cards, tell you the right etiquette in sending out wedding invites. A good discount wedding invitation supplier will also reply your inquiries and requests promptly either through email or by phone. But remember that your privacy should always be requested and your order must be transmitted across a secure server, to make sure your personal information is kept private.

In a word, the key to choose the right and Cheap Wedding Invitations is to be prudent and not letting yourself gets carried away. You can save more money if following the guidelines above.

Qurani Wazaif for Rishta, Rozgaar, Taweez, Hajat

Here, we are going to discuss you concerning Qurani wazaif.

Qurani Wazaif: – I believe you recognize that – it’s an Urdu word. If anyone doesn’t apprehend, then its ok. Since, currently they realize it. Therefore, it’s conjointly an Urdu technique, that’s developed by islamic and Muslim astrologers in ancient time. Thus, most of individuals use the Qurani wazaif to unravel their issues. Now, given the requirements of the individuals, we have a tendency to publish this on-line web site of Qurani wazaif. For the explanation that – each poverty-stricken person will use this method in their native languages, if they use this web site and acquire facilitate of our greatest astrologers. This can be terribly effective similarly as powerful to unravel several issues of human life like-

Rozgaar (Job)
Love and relationship
obtaining a decent proposal (Rishta)
Business and money, similarly as different issues that relate to human life.

Two issues, principally arise during this trendy time that’s it rozgaar (job) and wedding (rishta). Therefore, here we are going to tell you that – a way to get answer of those issues with the assistance of Qurani wazaif.


Thus, initial we are going to discuss on marriage: – you recognize – what’s the most drawback. The matter is that – each boy and lady need to induce success in their life. Additionally, you recognize very well that – to induce success in tasking, so that they take longer. However, they are doing not assume to induce married within the race of success. Once obtaining additional success, they assume that – currently i’m ready to do wedding, however that point they ne’er get a want marriage proposal (rishta) for his or her fast marriage. Thus, our astrologers offer a taweez (talisman) of Qurani wazaif. A condition, you’re one in every of them, who need to induce a wedding proposal (rishta) for his or her marriage, then they ought to wear this taweez. For the explanation that – this taweez can assist you to draw in several wedding proposals.
Now, we are going to discuss on Job (rozgaar): – it’s a giant drawback that not solely arise within the previous time, however conjointly within the ancient time. We all know each well that – the most 3 needs of an individual are food, clothes, and home. However, once these items a decent job (rozgaar). Nearly individuals are seeking for a decent job, as a result of our whole life depends on our job (rozgaar). A condition, if we have a tendency to do a decent job, then we will secure our family similarly as whole life, however it’s out of the question while not a decent job. Therefore, the simplest astrologers of Qurani wazaif offer a method that name is – Hajat in Urdu. This hajat will certainly assist you to induce a decent job (rozgaar) similarly as a want job in your required field.

We think that – currently you recognize each well that – why Qurani wazaif is helpful for you. Stipulation, you’re interested to use this method for resolution your issues, similarly as you wish to require additional info concerning it, then you’ll be able to contact with us with none doubt.

Ideal Wedding Day Gifts

What is the ideal wedding gift? Is it a material object which will come in useful or maybe the present which seemed like a good idea from family or friends that will simply sit in the back of a cupboard and never be used. The ideal wedding present should encompass the couples likes and suit their needs. With more and more couples setting up home long before they marry the need to buy material objects as a present is a thing of the past. Couples would much rather have a present which will leave a long lasting memory for them-in years to come they will be able to reflect back and proudly say ‘do you remember when we were treated to… by .. -rather than who was it who gave us that awful vase!

Times are definitely changing in regards to the amount of money family and friends have to spend on presents. A very acceptable way to buy a wedding present is to join together and ‘pool’ the money in order to spend more money on one ideal present rather than small individual ones.

Tickets to the theatre are an ideal wedding present for couples of all ages. A pre-show dinner at a popular London restaurant-choosing from a selection from the a la carte menu -before settling into top class tickets at a show of their choice, is a great gift which they remember fondly for many years to come.

A champagne flight over the UK’s capital city of London will be gratefully accepted by newly weds. This delightful birds-eye view of London follows the Thames west and into the heart of the city. The couple will sip champagne as they fly over famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Canary Wharf before returning east and back to the airfield. A truly wonderful wedding present and memorable experience.
Hot air ballooning offers the chance to glide through the skies at a very peaceful pace. This hands-on experience begins with the couple joining others to help prepare and inflate the balloon ready for launch. Once on-board the pilot will take the balloon to heights of up to 3,000 feet. The all round views of the countryside will take their breath away. The experience ends with assisting to pack the balloon away before toasting their flight with champagne. If your wedding couple aren’t the type of people who wish to share this wonderful experience, an exclusive hot air balloon flight may make a more appropriate wedding present.

A night spent in a pre-erected tepee is an ideal wedding present with a real difference. The tepee is fitted with cooking apparatus, a wood burning stove, sheepskins rugs and a double bed. The ideal ingredients for a cosy time enjoying each other’s company. The tepee is in the beautiful Welsh mountains, especially chosen for privacy and breath taking scenery. There are an abundance of mountain walks right on the door step if they can bear to leave the tranquillity and cosiness of the tepee. To help them relax further a Reiki treatment and a twilight meditation session are also included.

Whichever of these experiences you choose for the happy couple, they are ideal Wedding Day Gifts which will leave a lasting memory.

Inexpensive Wedding Gifts

 A wedding present does not need to be costly to be well received and appreciated by the couple. Whilst the extravagance of some weddings may force their guests to get pricey gifts, it is not required that you do so.

While you may need to splurge on an excessive gift for a close chum or relative, you do not have to invest a great amount of money in a gift for an informal acquaintance. Even if you are very close to the couple, you could still get a cheaper present for their wedding.

One cheap gift idea is to fill a mixing bowl with a selection of kitchen utensils. This is both an inexpensive and a very helpful gift. Plenty of couples who are beginning their life together will need some basic utensils and kitchen gadgets to get them going. This gift is considerate and helpful without being detritus to your financial position.

Another cheap gift concept is to form a basket containing elements for a romantic dinner. You might put this basket together by yourself and include items such as dry pasta and sauce and a bottle of wine with wine glasses. You may also wish to include a non-perishable desert like biscotti to finish your meal.

You might even include a recipe card with one of your own personally tested recipes. This cheap gift idea will be significantly valued by the couple as it essentially giving them the gift of a romantic night alone.

Picture frames may also be an economical gift idea. You might also go to closeout stores for these items and you will find a few bargains available. Picture frames are a cheap and helpful wedding present concept that is probably going to be cherished by the couple.

Watch: Royal couple arrive in Australia

The couple’s registry may be another source of low-priced wedding present concepts. Plenty of couples will register for a collection of items that span a huge price range. By choosing an item from the registry and purchasing it as a gift, you will be presenting a gift that will be truly appreciated by the couple.

If you have video/photo footage of the couple, you might consider organizing these photos in a completely unique way in a photograph album to give to the couple as a gift. You might also use the photographs to make a scrapbook or maybe a video show set to music that features the couple. These gifts will be significantly appreciated by the couple and can be created for a comparatively tiny cost.

Newlyweds regularly incorporate candles in their decorating and also use candles to create ambiance during dinner or on other occasions. Candles are wedding gifts that are easy on the pocket. They come in a great variety of colours, sizes and smells so it should be simple to find a collection of candles that may be appreciated by the couple.

A marriage present does not need to be dear to be helpful and appreciated by the couple. Many expensive gifts are seldom used; whereas more economical yet useful gifts are used almost daily by the couple after the wedding ceremony.

Loyola at Cuneo Mansion and Gardens

Neighborhood: Vernon Hills
Talk about a fairy-tale wedding venue! Built in the early 1900s, this Italianate-style mansion showcases a gorgeous collection of fine antiques, paintings, tapestries and sculptures, and is surrounded by acres of manicured lawns and gardens. Serve cocktails poolside and host your reception in their year-round pavilion—one of their preferred caterers will make sure your event turns out perfectly. And with all the photogenic backdrops here, your wedding album will be filled with memorable pictures.

Loyola at Cuneo Mansion and Gardens
Loyola at Cuneo Mansion and Gardens

Shop online for wedding jewelries of the latest designs

Jewelries occupy a special place in the heart of a woman. She loves to wear all kinds of jewelries, as jewelries make her look beautiful and sensuous. Jewelries bring out the true beauty in a woman.

The importance of jewelries in a wedding:-

Weddings and marriages take place all over the world, all throughout the year and in each and every community. It is a special custom or a ritual where the bride or the daughter is married off to the groom, who promises to look after her. The husband promises to look after his new bride, and the two of them vow to spend the rest of their lives together. The newlywed bride then has to leave her parents’ house to start living with her in-laws. The customs and the rules may differ from one religion to another, but the basic essence of the marriage remains the same.

Jewelries are not only given as gifts to the couples by the respective parents, but also by many relatives and close friends. Generally, heavy jewelries and ornaments are given as wedding gifts. These jewelries become important keepsakes and can be passed down from the generations. For instance, a grandmother hands down her antique jewelries to her daughter, who in turn gives them to her daughter on her wedding.

Jewelries are generally made of expensive metals like gold, silver and platinum, and often include precious stones like diamonds and other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, quartz, turquoise and emerald. Metals are also pleated in and with copper, and are often polished to give them a shine that will last long.

If you are looking for a jeweler who works with Certified diamond in Dubai, the online shopping site of Mamiya is the right place for you to visit.At Mamiya, you can find Wedding ring in Dubai and Gemstone earrings in Dubai.The online shopping site of Mamiya stores many types of jewelries such as:-

  • Rings-engagement rings, wedding rings, men’s rings and diamond and gemstone rings.
  • Earrings- consist of diamond and gemstone earrings.
  • Bangles-are worn in the hands.
  • Pendants-consist of diamond and gemstone pendants.
  • Bracelets-consist of diamond and gemstone bracelets.
  • Necklace- consists of diamond and multi stone necklace.
  • Ornaments can also be customised according to the wishes of the customers.

Mamiya Jeweller is a certified diamond jeweler company with 30 years experience of selling the finest diamond rings, diamond jewelers and loose diamonds. Hence, shop for jewelries that are latest in designs and modern in outlook and are also affordable price.

Different Designs of Indian Wedding Cards

Indian wedding cards are the most colorful and creative part of the marriage ceremony. Indian wedding invitation forms an integral part of the ceremony; hence, a lot of money is spent on selecting the design of the cards.

Indian wedding cards in general speak of the culture, elegance, and rich heredity of the families involved with the ceremony. These are available in numerous designs. Some of these are as follows-

  • Embroidered designs: The designs of these types have got the inspiration from the traditional Indian wedding dresses. These designs come with images that mimic the embroidery. Some embellishments like rhinestones or kundans and beads are also added to make the appearances of the cards more appealing. Sometimes, for complementing the wedding theme, fine nets or tulle that are of same color as the marriage gown are used in the card.
  • Mehndi designs: A person can go for this type, if he prefers a simple but elegant design. A design that mimics mehndi, henna or tattoos is chosen and it can be hand-painted on the card. This gives a more customized look. The design can also contain the signature of the couple. Sometimes, poems or catchy quotations are also inscribed along with the design.
  • Boxed invitations: Nowadays, more and more people prefer modern versions of invitations. To make the cards more interesting, embossed card material is used. Padded boxes are made of wood and the inner part is covered with luxurious fabric like organza, silk or taffeta, for holding the cards. The boxes are embellished with beads, rhinestones and ribbons. Sometimes, the embellishments are shaped into the couple’s signature. These are very exquisite looking.
  • Religious icons: As the religious land of India is the melting pot of various religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Islam; many cards carry image of deity or verses from religious books. Some also contain religious emblems like the “Om” or “Cross” or the “Chakra”.
  • Wedding scrolls: People, who want a flamboyant ceremony, prefer to go for scroll types. These are made on expensive papers. The paper scroll is embossed with metallic designs using gold or silver ink. The scroll invitations are hold by gold, silver or bronze plated cases studded with rhinestones. These reflect elegance and royalty and are treasured for many years.

You can choose any type of design from an online site. After customizing the design you can make payment via your debit or credit card. The shipment will be delivered to your doorway within a very short time. Start selecting the design now.

Islamic Weddings Follow Religious Traditions

Islamic weddings follow all the traditional religious customs, which have been laid down in their holy book. The most important part of the wedding among two Muslims will begin with the nikah ceremony. This is important because it is the time when the social contract is made between the Muslim bride and groom. At this time, it is not even important for the Muslim girl to be present. She can be represented by her guardians at this ceremony. The Muslim groom then gives the gifts to the bride’s side. If they wish so, the gifts can be given at a later time with the mutual consent.

The wedding customs for the Muslims will also include an engagement ceremony, called the Mangni. In this ceremony, the groom’s family provides a dress for the bride, and the Muslim couple exchange rings. The customs of the Muslim culture stresses upon various restrictions when it comes to marriage. Though the Muslim families and supposed to invite all the people they know for the wedding, they must not take extra effort to spend money and bring people from faraway places. They have to spend within their limits, and they should not borrow money to conduct a wedding.

A lot of Western traditions have become a part of Islamic marriages, and they should not make this part of their traditions. One such tradition is displaying the bride on stage. The bride is not meant to be for public display, and she is supposed to be covered well too. She cannot display any parts of her body to the guests who are present at the Muslim marriage. The Muslim bride’s family too, must not indulge in spending too much for the feast that they will want to hold after the marriage. It is only the duty of the Muslim bridegroom’s family to have a feast or Walima, and invite all friends and family members for the feast.

The nikah ceremony must also never be delayed in a Islamic wedding, after the engagement has taken place. At the wedding, the guests must also remember to give gifts to the married Muslim couple only within their means. The gifts must also be bought within their means. The couple must also not make a show of receiving the gifts, and neither must the guests, as they give it. The gifts in Islamic weddings must also be of use to the couple after their marriage.

During the wedding ceremonies, the couple is not allowed to meet. They must also not meet after their engagement. They can only see each other after the entire wedding ceremonies are complete. Islam highly stresses upon a Muslim girl or boy getting married as soon as they reach a particular age. If the father of the bride is a religious figure, he may also perform the nikah ceremony, and it is considered legal in the Muslim marriage customs. All Muslim weddings are conducted in the presence of a lot of family members and friends.

Jacob Henry Mansion Estate

Neighborhood: Joliet
If you love the charm and romance of the Gilded Age, with its elaborate architecture and décor, this gem of a venue is for you. The estate has two national historic landmarks on its grounds, both of which can be part of your wedding. Couples often tie the knot in the Old Central Church, notable for its three stained-glass windows and century-old 2,000-pipe organ. From here it’s just a short walk down a winding path through the beautiful Secret Garden to the mansion, where receptions unfold in the Victorian Ballroom.

Jacob Henry Mansion Estate
Jacob Henry Mansion Estate
Jacob Henry Mansion Estate
Jacob Henry Mansion Estate

How to Get a Unique Wedding Album Coventry

Hiring a photographer for wedding album Coventry is not that difficult, but what can be a little bit difficult is to get it done uniquely. There are several wedding photo ideas for bride and groom that you can look up to but the main idea is to get the creative wedding photography done by involving both contemporary and traditional styles. Addition of a little bit of retro among contemporary and traditional style of photography can also be a great idea as it highlights minute details like designs, decoration, dresses, etc. The idea behind your wedding album Coventry is to ensure that it should reveal every minute detail of your wedding on a canvas that can be revisited with equal enthusiasm and charm.

Your wedding photo album will pass on the generations from your children to grandchildren and so on, thus it should be a collection inspiring wedding photo ideas bride and groom which your coming generations can replicate. The wedding album consists different parts of wedding like the dress of the couple, venue, the moment the couple says ‘I do’, the food, beautiful decoration, presents, the wedding cake, overwhelming guests, the toast ceremony, candid shots, gossipers, first dance, the list can actually can go on and on. The duty of your wedding photographer is to capture all these moments with ease and turn them in beautiful memories in the form of your wedding album.

Photography has evolved in many ways since its inception and the current trend involves capturing moments from different angles and tries to make them as candid as possible to give them a natural look. Only an expert photographer can make the made up moment look like a candid one on canvas with his exceptional skills. Adding black and white images in between the otherwise colorful canvas is something that couples these days love to have for a retro feel in their wedding albums.

How to Get Emmy Worthy Skin

It is important for the couple and close family members to become comfortable with the photographer and also show full confidence in his skills so that you can pose with confidence on your big day. A good photographer will give due  consideration to your ideas as well and will try to incorporate them as well to provide you the results close to your imagination. Once you are settled with the photographer and his ideas you are all set to go for the wedding and give your best shot for beautiful memories.

2015 Trends in Unique Indian Wedding Invitation Design

The invitations one sends out for one’s marriage remains the only communication about the mega-event with the other party unless one is on informal terms and discusses it quite often. In a way, the communiqué sets the expectations of the guest. It should be designed in the most formal and proper manner. After all, it is going to be the first impression, and the first impression is sometimes the last impression.

Move On From Antiquity to Modernity

A popular trend in designing wedding-invitations is the migration from traditional form of announcement using paper and card to using scrolls. These scrolls are designed in the way messengers in the medieval times used to convey messages and orders from kings and rulers. The importance of the event announced in the scroll is highlighted in this manner.

Watch: Fall 2016 Wedding Trends With Kate Pankoke!

This is certainly a move to an Exclusive Indian wedding invitation Design. Scrolls are designed and made from different sorts of materials today, the quality and the price varying. The appropriate choice would depend on the budget one has for one’s marriage.

What Is The Dominant Theme?

Wedding-invitations are designed keeping in view the dominant theme of the time. For the subscribers of the lotus theme, there could be a 3D lotus pop-up card to announce the wedding. The theme would be reflected in the Exclusive Indian wedding invitation Design one gets at the end of the day.

It would certainly stand out as a novelty in the plethora of options available. The invitation could be in the form of an Islamic calendar for Muslim weddings, with the invitation highlighting the particular day of the lunar month.

How to Get Trendy in the 21st Century

The attraction towards novelty and innovation is so intense that modern wedding-invitations are designed using all sorts of materials. There are cards made of wood, velvet and even cards made of leather.

An iota of fun could be added to the wedding-invitation by adding sequels and ribbons on the invitation. Thousands of colors and shades could be chosen from a wide assortment using modern computer graphics. It is going to announce the ceremony that would welcome someone special. So, it has to be something special.

Use Glittering Accessories to Add Novelty to the Invitation

Some accessories could always accompany the invitation to highlight the importance of the event to you, and to stimulate the invitee to accept the invitation. They could be anything like hand-bags, or photo-frames or even customized hotel-keys. Such additions almost always add to the excitement one experiences at weddings, and adds values to the wedding-invitation.

Use Colors to Spice up Your Invitation

A unique and new combination of eye-catching colors could be used in the invitation to highlight the specialty of the occasion. Blue color could be used in contrast with red color. While the red color would be symbolic of the bride, the blue color would stand for the groom. The colorful invitation would signify the lightness of the moment, and some little hearts would add magic to it.

How to Make Cheap Homemade Wedding Invitations?

Would you like to save money on your wedding invitations and still have lovely invites that will impress everybody who receives one? Of course you would! Why not make them yourself? You are probably thinking that you have no idea of how to make cheap homemade wedding invitations. It isn’t difficult, saves you quite a bit of money and can be great fun.


  • 1. Decide on the level of formality your wedding will have. This will have an effect on your design and wording choices.
  • 2. Browse the web, looking for, do it yourself wedding invitation ideas. Many sites offer free templates with or without designs and wording samples. They allow you to download templates to use as is or to adapt to suit your needs. Some sites only allow you to download free templates if you purchase your wedding stationary from them.
  • 3. Decide on your design, or graphic image and the wording that you will use.
  • 4. Pick a font that goes with the theme and style of your invitations.
  • 5. Buy your wedding invitation stationery, including cards for any enclosures, such as RSVPs, Thank You cards and programs. You may want to use your stationery blanks which are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, purchase a few extra in case of a printing mishap, such as an ink smear or paper jam.
  • 6. Purchase extra ink cartridges, so that you don’t run out in the middle of this important project.
  • 7. Schedule an afternoon or evening to create your invitations and then print them. The whole thing shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to complete.
  • 8. Before telling the printer to begin making X number of copies, print one copy of each piece on plain paper cut to the sizes of your stationery, to make sure that everything is lined up properly, and to check for typographical errors.
  • 9. Make sure that the printer you plan on using adjusts to the different sizes of your stationary.
  • 10. Enlist family and friends with nice handwriting to help you address your invitations.
  • 11. Have fun while learning how to make cheap homemade wedding invitations.
  • 12. If you’re printing on vellum or other specialty paper and find it smears, you might google “The Perfect Printing Pouch”–by ScraPerfect.

Wedding on a Budget – Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are so stressful sometimes but undoubtedly the best experience of a couple. There is so much that happens for a wedding to perfectly be in place. Even though different weddings have different needs a lot of energy goes into planning, organizing and ensuring that everything is in place. A common factor of weddings is that they are finance intensive. The couple might have to spend on so many things and sometimes will have borrow some money to make their day a big day indeed. This is why you should budget your wedding with cheap bridesmaid dresses and save on the stress that comes with the finances. The dresses will probably be worn once and so you don’t really need to spend so much on them.

The Features

Cheap bridesmaid dresses are often simple. They don’t have so many sophistications which might hike their prices. it is therefore, important that you go for a simple dress with not much of accessories. The cheap dresses also have conservative patterns and colors. Designers will spend so much time and money on to come up with different styles and sometimes they make the dresses at very high prices. if you want cheap dresses your ultimate concern is to keep away from the embellishments as much as you can. There are cheap dresses for all types of body sizes and physiques whether dark, fat, petite, tall or beautiful.

Good Quality

When you buy cheap bridesmaid dresses it does not meant that you will compromise the quality. Different shopping outlets have different prices for different products. some of outlets will give you the best fabrics at affordable prices whereas some will not. what you need to ensure when getting dresses for the bridesmaids is to avoid being ripped off at all costs. Many bridesmaids will only put on a dress once; during the wedding day. Spending a lot of money on the dress therefore, is not economical at all. even with the good quality of fabric see to it that the dress is flawless and that each and every bridesmaid is contented with the quality.
Types of cheap dresses

The ultimately cheap dresses are the tailor made dresses. When it comes to these types of dresses you will often get the chance to sweet talk the tailor who will then reduce the prices. the dresses are also advantageous in that you will get the perfect fit for your maids and they will also be comfortable in them. other fairly cheap types bridesmaid dresses are empire line, bias cut, mermaid dresses, A-line dresses and column dresses. If you are spoilt for choice about the affordable dress you need to go for you should simply make an appointment with a designer who will adequately guide through it all and give you suggestions on the best choices.

If you want to get the best of cheap bridesmaid dresses getting referrals is your best shot. A couple that had wedded earlier and spent minimally on their wedding will advise you best on what to do when it comes to spending less on bridesmaid dresses.

Henna Tattoos

What is henna ? Henna is in Islamic point of view is said to having cool penetration natural. Its this natural make it very useful to use in summer season. Other then this henna also have unique pleasant odour and specific fragrance. Also henna have its on solitary position which haven’t any alternate. It is not enough henna but now I want to tell you about henna tattoos .

Bridal henna tattoos:

Dear readers I have wrote in my many previews article about bridal’s importance and why the wedding day is very special. Yet now I wanna tell you some thing about bridal and bridal henna tattoos according to some saying bridal is consider a bridal flowers on the wedding day. So it is very essential assort a bride in a very latest and unique way.

Henna play a very momentous role in it. The use of mehndi in weddings is consider a tradition. In some countries wedding start up with in a special program (myoon or rasm-e- henna).and some says that it is necessary for a bride to write her husband’s name on her hand with henna it is consider a sign of obediently and also by doing this she full fill her husband’s wills .and if she don’t do this then it is said to be a bad sign.

For this a special unique mehndi designer beautician just like me is has to be select and adorn your bride’s hands,arms,feet,and for arms with latest stylish Indian ,Pakistani, Arabic and traditional henna tattoos which you want.

Mehndi occupy half of the brides beauty and increase her beauty and attraction by giving him a charming and pretty innocent look.

Make you bride just like this by following my latest and unique mehndi designs, tattoos .

Henna Tattoos For Different Body Parts:

Dears, Henna Tattoos are little bit different and modern than Mehndi designs. Some beautiful modern and fair complexion girls would like to make Tattoos on her hands, arms and feet but in contrast to this the girls are women which would like to wear short dresses including media they like to make henna tattoos on the umbilical, neck and on the back. But muslim girls don’t like it.

Tattoos for ordinary celebrations:

In common celebrations girls and women you usually would like to make tattoos are mehndi designs on the hands arms and feet, but small soft looking and having flowers and leaves combination. They also like to make designs with dress shining mehndi having mascara in it. Which is filled in the empty space which is created by making thin outline with mehndi .also colored mehndi is available in the market. If some one don’t like mehndi paste then she can use designing stickers which you can easily find in the markets within dress matching it also easy to apply.

At the end I wanna say you some thing keep joining us and fulfill your requirements and get entertain your can also ask me any question.

Beautiful Muslim Wedding Cards

One of the most important starting chapters in a person’s life is marriage. When it comes to individuality and traditional values, Muslim weddings are special in their own ways. A muslim marriage is generally known as Nikah. It is a social agreement that results in an enduring bond between two persons. A Muslim wedding means celebration, joy and holy bonding. Various preparations have to be made before the auspicious day and one integral part of it is selecting Muslim wedding cards. Recently, the activist couple Carl Pope (former director of Sierra Club) and Shanaz Taplin Chinoy (co-founder and chairperson of the Muslim Women’s Fund), who met first time in the year 1977, got married. Both in their 60s, had a grand wedding celebration. The wedding brought together friends and supporters from as far back as Shahnaz’s childhood.

A Muslim Wedding incorporates ardent religious ceremonies, as well as social celebrations on a grand scale. Muslim society observes the wedding ceremony as a fundamental, once in a life time activity that deserves royal celebration. Muslim wedding invitations are given for two special events namely, Nikah and Valima. While the cards for the former occasion are ordered by the bride’s family, the latter are done by that of the groom’s. The Muslim wedding cards are also popularly known as “shaadi cards”. Like all Indian wedding cards, these range from simple to vibrant and sophisticated ones. Nowadays, the modern designers make unique wedding cards by blending all the current trends and styles with the traditional ones. The cards with the distinctive, unique and well coordinated designs surely add to the warmth of the ceremonies. Some main characteristics of the Muslim wedding cards are as follows-

  • Contemporary concepts are generally used to create these cards. Most of the time, exclusive patters, grains and textures are used.
  • The designs are mostly conventional ones. Most contain Islamic symbols.
  • As white color is believed to be an auspicious one, most cards come with a white background.
  • Most cards are handmade using rich textured papers. Sometimes these are decorated with jewels.
  • Common styles in Muslim invitation cards are Farman type, traditional scrolls or the roll open ones.

Unique Wedding Table Name Ideas

One thing to consider for your wedding reception is what you are going to name the tables that your guests will be seated around. It may be tempting just to number them as it is one less thing to think about but it can make your wedding reception stand out in your guests mind if you come up with funny or unique table names and it really helps to personalise your special occasion.

Below is a list of some ideas to get your thinking:

  • Street Names – Places where you and your bride have lived. This could be the places you grew up in, holiday home, student accommodation or places you have lived together.
  • Holiday Destinations – If you and your wife are well travelled and have been to some interesting destinations, you could use these places as table names to create a travelling theme.
  • Wines / Champagnes – If you and your wife enjoy drinking wine, why not create a theme around your favourites, and use Champagne as the top table.
  • Sweets From Your Childhood – You could create a theme around the retro sweets from your childhood like blackjacks and gobstoppers, using whichever sweet you both liked the most as your top table name.
  • Favourite Films – Whether it is you favourite films, oscar winners or films from a period in time. This could be a great idea for an entertaining theme.
  • Christmas Names – If you wedding is seasonal such as at Christmas, you could base your table names around Christmas items.
  • Words from your first dance – To add an element of fun and intrigue you could use words or lyrics from your first dance song to get guests guessing as to what it is going to be.
  • Flowers – If you have gone all out on the flowers at your wedding, why not continue the theme and use flower names as your table names.
  • Hobbies – If you and your bride are very sporty or share a hobby you could base the table names around it.
  • Landmarks from your home town – If you are both from the same town, then that probably means that most of your guests are from the same town as well, therefore you could use landmarks from around your area to create a sense of home at each of the tables.
  • Celtic Names – If you or your wife have Celtic heritage then you could use Celtic names and places as your table names.

Unique and Outdoor Inspired Promise Rings and Wedding Bands

There are more than just a few reasons to choose The Jewelry Source for all your camouflage and outdoor inspired jewelry buying needs, but I am not going to write a novel of page after page of those reasons, so I will just address a few of the key reasons to purchase your camo promise rings and/or camouflage wedding bands online from The Jewelry Source at

Reason #1: Proudly made in the United States of America, the Officially Licensed RealTree and Officially Licensed Mossy Oak Camouflage Rings are made to order and hand finished just for you.

Reason #2 Camo promise rings and camouflage wedding bands are our game and 100% customer satisfaction is our aim. Hand crafted with superior work and our superior craftsmanship, your camo wedding bands for him and her are made, hand finished and quality checked by people who take great strides to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with each and every ring we custom make..

Reason #3 The ring selection offered is out of this world. Titanium Rings with Carbon Fiber Inlay, Ceramic Rings with bezel set Diamonds, Military Matte Non-Reflective High Impact Bands. Cobalt Rings with Exotic Wood Inlays, Damascus Steel Rings in numerous unique patterns and offered with a camouflage inlay, Meteorite Rings from a far off galaxy, Custom Animal Track Rings, etc. You are sure to find a huge assortment of Camo promise rings and camouflage wedding bands so you can pick out the perfect ring for your loved one.

Reason #4 Using the best materials allows for a strong, durable ring that will last. For instance, Titanium Rings are light, durable and hypoallergenic. The Jewelry Source’s Titanium Rings do not dent or scratch as easily as platinum, silver and gold. At The Jewelry Source, 6AL-4V Titanium or Aerospace Grade Titanium is used to complete the USA Made Titanium Rings.

Reason #5 The Jewelry Source offers an Outdoor Collection  made for Outdoor Lovers by Outdoor Lovers. The Jewelry Source is proud to have combined art and innovation to create some of the most amazing and unique pieces of jewelry on the market. With a lifetime warranty and state-of-the-art deluxe arc ncomfort fit design you can feel comfortable in owing one of these amazing works of art.

Most of the rings in the Outdoor Lovers section can be made from the metal of your choosing. Such as Cobalt, Black Zirconium, Titanium, Damascus Steel, 14k Gold, and Platinum. The ring metals can be inlayed with Exotic Wood, Acrylic, Carbon Fiber, Mokume Gane, Meteorite and licensed camouflage patterns from well known and respected companies like RealTree and Mossy Oak. If you are looking for a gemstone or diamond in your Camo Band they offer customization to build the ring you are looking for. Contact them via email, phone, live chat or mail for answers to all your customization inquiries.

The Outdoor Lovers section boasts a wide variety of options from different millimeter width options, large size ranges, and many different finishes. Each ring is made by skilled jewelers who ensure every finish, edge and grove is sculpted to exact specifications. In addition, The Jewelry Source always uses the best materials to ensure your keepsake is perfect.

South Wedding Invitations Designs That Will Leave You in Awe

 However, Indian marriages have great charm to attract everyone towards them, but south Indian marriages are really distinct from rest of Indian weddings. There could be various reasons behind this distinctiveness – from culture to language. Weddings in this part of country are known for their distinct cultural values, social activities and of course rituals. These types of marriages need loads of preparation – from performing religious rituals to calling loved ones through invitations.

Wedding invitation cards are considered among the most essential part of a south Indian marriage. Since the motto of sending these cards to friends is to call them in an appropriate way, these cards should be of great attention-grabbing. Thus, you need to look for an online wedding cards provider that can offer you an assortment of different types of marriage invitations cards. There are several things that should be taken in account such as style, color and of course design. Confused? If yes, then you must go through south wedding invitations designs that will leave you in awe.

Classic Designs

When it comes to choosing styles, colors and designs for Indian wedding invitation cards, importance of classic option can be ignored. Now, you may be confused on what classic option does mean? Remember, like fashion industry, there is classic category available in invitation cards. For this, you first need to choose a right color or combination of colors. It is often found that most of the south Indian marriages invitation cards come incorporated with different types of colors. There is no need to choose a single color but a combination of different types of colors. This blended colorful classic design can do wonder for your invitation cards.

Design the Text

When it comes to making marriage cards more attractive than ever before, you must not forget adding attractive texts whether sacred or otherwise. Therefore, you are highly suggested that you must design the texts accordingly. While thinking about designing the texts, sacred or otherwise, you shouldn’t forget using latest technology. These days, you can easily find out 3 dimensional wedding cards online. You can also choose cards with bold and highly visible texts in distinct style and designs.

Fashion Can’t Be Ignored

It is really an important point that must be kept in mind while looking for south marriage invitation designs that may leave you in awe. Fashion has the power to attract anyone towards it whether it is about latest designer outfits or wedding cards. If you want to get marriage cards printed with exclusive designs, you must keep the latest fashion in mind. Now, you may ask how to know about the existing trend in the market? For this, you need to visit a site that offers free tips and ideas about latest trends about wedding invitation cards.

Unveil a Massive Assortment

If you are still confused on how to find south wedding invitations designs, you need to go online. Visit wedding cards provider online, and then unveil an enormous assortment of marriage cards with exclusive design.

How Much Does A Wedding Cost: Cheap, Expensive, Average

So the question was popped and now you and your fiancé are in the process of planning your wedding, congratulations! Now you are faced with the daunting task of budgeting. So how much does a wedding reception cost? Is it cheap, expensive or average? Only you can answer those questions after taking the following into consideration.

A Cheap Wedding Reception is not Always the Best

You heard the saying, you get what you pay for, let the buyer beware. Well, when you are interviewing wedding reception vendors you will get a general feel for the prices and options. The lowest cheapest spectrum might be competitively priced, but will they under deliver? Determining how much does a wedding cost will depend on credibility of your wedding reception vendors. They should provide you with a list of recent references (preferably last 6 months.) You can stay way below the average for your grand total wedding costs. Just keep in mind that the cheapest service you go with will have to compliment your ONE wedding.

Average Wedding Prices has its Pros and Cons

Well an average price for your wedding cost might make you jump for joy, but are their services just average as well? Does the company have any unique options? If not, then why are their prices so low? Do they get enough business? If a wedding company can help you save by creating a package just for you then this might interest you. Any company with average prices must deliver in other areas. Your wedding is FAR from average.
Expensive Wedding Costs

So you have interviewed several wedding companies and determined that the pricing does not matter. Great, you will have more options available for you. My only concern for you is that sometimes these prices are determined by people that have overinflated egos. It is best to make sure that on the contract “IN WRITING” it is stated as to exactly what you are getting. Do not leave any room for discrepancies. Trust me, I am a wedding entertainment vendor and I have heard horror stories from other brides. An expensive wedding cost does not always mean that you will be receiving the best service.

How Much Does a Wedding Cost

The cost of a wedding reception can not be determined in dollar amounts. It will cost you aggravation and grief if you make a poor choice. This goes for the expensive, cheap, and average wedding costs. The most important thing is that you enjoy your wedding reception with you family and friends knowing that you spent just amount of time and energy into selecting the perfect wedding reception vendors.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding by Using Cheap Printing Services in

Wedding is the most pleasurable event in our life that reminisces all time. We try to saturate this event with everything we dreamt of. When its memories lasts forever, Why not make it more special by personalizing the event? In Singapore, where weddings are an amazing medium to powerfully establish professional and family relationships, people are frequently using unique and cheap printing services some or the other way to add more heat and glitz to the function. Nowadays, for leaving a happy note, party hosts are thinking more than guests about doling out quirky and unique gifts to each of their guests. There are many options for you to make your party sound unique and outstanding. Explore few of them.

Different Ways to Use Cheap Printing Services Uniquely In Your Wedding:

• Design a Customized T Shirt for Your Catering Team:  You can customize the T shirts of your helping staff by embossing the prints like-

1. Name of bride and groom imprinted on the T shirts as caption.

2. Name of your firm which can indirectly promote your brand image.

3. Captions like happy to help, thank you and welcome messages.

4. You can also print the name of help boys on their t shirts along with their service name so that it becomes easy to call the person for the specific task.

• Personalize Your Wedding Cocktail Party: This party is mostly get together of close business colleagues, friends and family members. And it certainly calls for subtle sophistication to show stopping fascination. Anything special added to this party will shout out loud and infatuating. Raising a toast with customized printed mugs or glasses with your message/name/photo printed on it will surely dominate the party.
• Amazing Return Gift Ideas: Giving gifts to guests is a special gesture that reflects deep honor and a medium to tell them that we enjoyed their gracious presence in the party. So, there are numerous options to give personalized printed gifts to your guests, few of them are household collections like table mat, photo bottles, face towels, plates and luggage tags having different imprinted captions like miss us, come back soon, thanks for your gracious presence and much more.

• Gift your Business Partners Office Collection: This is the right time to build your brand image amongst your business clients and partners. As such a close get together bring them all on a single place and could turn out to be lucrative by gifting them customized office collections like name card holder, key chain, badges, pencil holder, power bank and mouse pads  with your company logo or name engraved on it.

Versatility is the key to charisma, so we should always experiment with your occasions, wardrobe and events. Making such a liberal use of images and creative ideas will surely delight your special moments that will reminisce every time in the memories of your guests and help you to create a strong remarkable image in your society and business.  So why wait? Personalize your next event with hiring cheap printing services agency in Singapore.

Ceremonies In Muslim Weddings

Muslim matrimony lay emphasis on union of two souls and is known as ‘Nikaah’ in Urdu. Muslim marriages may not be extravagant but are simple and beautiful.

The rituals of Muslim weddings vary greatly from Hindu weddings. The ceremonies of an Islamic marriage are:


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Istikhara: It is the inaugural ceremony ofthe wedding that seeks consent from Allah to perform the marriage of Muslim bride and Muslim groom.

Imam-Zamin Ceremony: After Istikhara, the groom’s mother ties Imam-Zamin, the silver or gold coin enveloped in silken cloth, on the bride’s hand.

Mangni: The families of bride and groom visit each other’s places with sweets and fruits. The couple has now started exchanging rings too.

Manjha Ceremony: The bride wears yellow clothes and turmeric paste is applied on her body. She is not allowed to leave the house after this.

Mehndi Ceremony: Henna is applied on the bride’s palms and feet on the eve of the wedding day while the ladies sing traditional songs adding to the festivities.


Welcoming the Baraat:

Like in all weddings, the groom arrives the venue with his baraat and a band of musicians who play traditional songs. The groom then takes a glass of sherbet (sweet drink) with brother of the bride while her cousins play pranks on the guests from the groom’s side in the wedding.

The Wedding or The Nikaah:

The actual wedding ceremony may take place at the bride’s or groom’s house or some other convenient place. The ceremony begins with two Maulavis (priests) from both the parties reading verses from Quran. Traditionally, the males and females are made to sit separately in Mardaana and Zenana respectively.

Meher, the nuptial gift is the money given to the bride’s family by the groom’s for giving their daughter. The amount is then decided by mutual consent between the families.

After the amount of Meher is settled, first the bride and then the groom is asked three times if they accept each other as husband and wife. The Nikaah is complete after the Ijab-e-Qubul (proposal and acceptance of both the bride and the groom).

Nikahnama, the wedding certificate is signed by the couple when both give their consent. It must be signed by the bride, bridegroom and Walis (fathers of the bride and groom) and solemnized by the Qazi to make the marriage legal in Islamic law.

Khutba, a sermon consisting of verses from Quran,explainingthe rights and duties of the spouses is then delivered by the Qazi.

Dinner and Prayers:

The groom is blessed by the older women and offers them his salaam. Other guests shower wishes of long lived happiness and togetherness the couple. Dinners are generally lavish but again males and females dine separately.

After the dinner, the Muslim couple is made to sit together for the first time to see each other. The Holy Quran and a mirror is then placed between the newly weds through which they are allowed to look at each other, surrounded by recitation of prayers by the priest. This ceremony is called Aarsi Mushaf.


Rukhsat or Farewell: The bride bids farewell to her family before leaving for her husband’s home. Her father asks the groom to take good care of her.

Welcoming the Bride: As the bride enters her new home, the groom’s mother welcomes her by holding the Holy Quran above her (bride’s) head.

Chauthi Ceremony: It is the fourth day of the marriage on which the couple visits the parental home of the bride and receives a joyous welcome.

Valimah or Reception: This is the lavish reception hosted by the groom’s family after Nikaah. It brings together the two families, their relatives, well-wishers and friends who celebrate the occasion together.

Muslim weddings can be performed at any time convenient to families of both the Muslim bride and groom. They do not believe in the notion of auspicious time.

The Perfect Wedding Gift Idea – Inuit Carving

All newly weds are immersed in decorating of their new nest. A beautiful Inuit carving makes a great centrepiece for the living room or dining table. A beautiful piece of art that accents your furniture is something that normally goes forgotten in the pursuit of home decor. By giving your hosts a beautiful sculpture, you are almost certain to leave your footprint of their first new home. It will be something that will grow with them throughout their marriage and is something surely for them to remember you by every time they gaze at it in appreciation.

Carvings make an extremely unique gift. You are almost sure to have a gift that no other guests will think to give, making you and your sculpture one of the nights highlights. Your gift is destined to wow the audience and have them ask who made it and where is it from.

When they find out that it was made by an Inuit artist living in the Arctic, they will be amazed with a fulfillment of awe and intrigue. It is quite the exotic find indeed. How such a beautiful piece of art could be made in such a remote and desolate part of the world will be any ones guess, but this is what will make your gift stand out so much.

Inuit sculptures are much more affordable than you think. Even though they appear to be very expensive due to their exotic nature, and beautiful craftsmenship, you can actually acquire a beautiful sculpture for the groom and bride for just under $200. To do this, it is important to remember to buy from an online Inuit art gallery moreover than a traditional gallery (physical store). Brick and mortar galleries have no choice but to mark up their items an additional 40% due to the operational costs they incur (rent, utilities etc…). In fact, this rule does not only apply to carvings, but to pretty much any type of consumer goods.

If you enjoyed these pictures, you can acquire these sculptures and many more at the best place to shop for Inuit art – Inuit Art Gallery Inuit Gifts.

At you will find a beautiful assortment of Inuit sculptures at very affordable prices. Very often, people who are not familiar with Inuit art will most likely appreciate a dancing bear as their first carving. This is because it is one of the more difficult subjects for the artist to carve and has alot of movement and liveliness to it.

The Inuit artist has to carve the dancing bear sculpture to a certain precision that will allow it to stand on one leg while keeping the rest of its body balanced. Dancing bears are usual positive subjects in nature. This goes hand in hand with the emotions one should feel on their wedding day, which is why the dancing bear is a great wedding gift.

That being said, any appreciation for the arts should not be limited to ones opinion. Which is why you can find many more subjects of Inuit art such as loons, muskox, whales and hunters.

A nice detail you can include in your wedding gift is the artist’s bio. Since most people will be very intrigued in the fact that their beautiful piece was made in the Arctic, they will surely want to know what the artist looks like and how he lives. You can easily find write ups of the artists by just doing a quick search of their names on Google. If you have acquired a piece from an artist with some international notoriety, you can also find a list of their  international exhibitions, and awards they have won. This is an important document to include as it adds considerably more value to your gift.

In conclusion, by acquiring an inexpensive Inuit sculpture for under $200 at a online gallery you are in essence giving your wedding hosts a beautiful and unique gift that is more likely to be worth double from a traditional gallery. It will grow with them and their family in their home as they start a lifetime journey together.

Wedding Ring Inscriptions. The Ultimate Unique Wedding Band

Wedding ring inscriptions are a great way to covert the simplest wedding band into a unique wedding band. Gone are the days of just having your wedding anniversary scratched on the inside of your ring. Is there a song title, saying, or even a scripture that you both love?

Some couples decide to have a part of their wedding vows engraved on their wedding rings. Another popular idea is to incorporate something from the wedding theme (if you had one). The name of the resort or town where you are honeymooning perhaps? Your pet names for each other, or even the name of the restaurant for your first date.

The engraved wedding band is not just limited to words on the inner side of the band. Some couples are electing to have longer inscriptions on the edge of their band or on the outer side (this would have to be re engraved as the ring wore down). Some specialized jewelers are even engraving inscriptions on diamonds. These are not usually obvious to the naked eye, and are more costly, but do allow for identification of your stone if it is ever stolen.

Check on the time frame for the engraving to be done. This can vary from one day to a month. Prices can fluctuate between $1 per letter to almost $10 depending on whether the engraving is done by hand or machine, and the degree of embellishment you require. It is also probably a great idea if you are able to see any of the jeweler’s other engraving handiwork. If your jeweler seems hesitant, or disinterested find another who does specialize in wedding band engraving.

Your own inscriptions will be on your wedding rings forever. If the words are on the inside, none else will generally be reading them, allowing for a little more privacy. However, if you opt for an external wedding ring inscription, you will need to remember that others will be able to read it as well. Your pet nicknames may not look like quite such a great idea in another 20 or 30 years.
Many couple are electing to have inscriptions in French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, or Hebrew. What about some of these?

Love is eternal
Today, tomorrow, forever
Never to part
From this moment on
God unite both in love
Bless this ring, bless our life

Je T’aime: I Love You
Par Grant Amour: For My Greatest Love
Mon Coeur Est a Vous: You Have My Heart
Par Grant Amour: For My Greatest Love
Mon Amour: My Love
Pour toujours et toujours: Forever and always

Con tutto l’mio amore: I am yours always

Il Mio Cuore e il Tuo Per Sempre: My Heart is Yours Forever
Con tutto l’mio amore: With all my heart
Amore Mio: My Love

Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li: I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine
Mizpah: God watch between us when we are absent from one another

* Latin:
Amor Vincit Omnia: Love Conquers All
Semper Amemus: Let Us Love Always
Deus Nos Iunxit: God Joined Us
Pari Passu: With Equal Step
Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful

Many of these quotes actually translate into beautiful inscriptions in English.

Wedding ring inscriptions can be fun, romantic, sentimental, or incredibly personal. Words of love to be permanently remembered. Much like your wedding vows.

Vera Wang’s design style of wedding dresses

Vera Ellen Wang is a Chinese American fashion designer based in New York City and former figure skater. She is known for her wide clientele of couture bridesmaid gowns and wedding gown collections. Decorative, feminine and artsy-intellectual, Wang favors the long and lean, with a keen interest in silhouette and a passion for the sheer and textural. Allure’s creative director (and former co-worker of Wang’s) Paul Cavaco notes: “Vera loves clothes beyond loving clothes; she loves everything that has to do with clothes. This is not a make-believe love here; it’s the real thing. Anything that has happened to Vera is a fallout of this love. It’s her only agenda. So she is going to present you clothes in an extremely loving manner: beautiful clothes in the most beautiful way possible.” She’s also a history buff who, in the past, has looked to everything from czarist Russia to ancient Rome for inspiration.

Wang’s works have often been referenced in popular culture and presented in TV series and films. In the Sex and the City TV series, Charlotte York found Wang’s wedding dress to be the perfect wedding dress, and wore it for her wedding to Trey MacDougal. In the film Sex and the City, Vera Wang was featured amongst the bridal gowns Carrie Bradshaw wore in her Vogue photo shoot. In the film Bride Wars, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson both wore custom-made Vera Wang gowns. Vera Wang’s design was referenced in the NBC television show The West Wing in the episode “The Black Vera Wang”.

What she has paid much attention to includes fabric characters, smmoth dresses, and stereo tailoring. Every bride in her wedding dress will become a work of art, pure and dignified. Also subtle details can be perfectly embodied in the bridal gowns so as to surprise each customer. For instance, embroidery, beading, and appliques. All of them can express the perfect design concept by her. Wang has been always seeking superior quality and excellent workmanship to make her bridal gowns nice, vogue and comfortable.

In my opinion, Vera Wang’s design style is plain but not boring, gorgeous but not gaudy, stereo but not uncomfortable, vogue but not faddish. The modern, simple and dignified bridal gowns designed by her have been popular among the world. Therefore, she is deserved to be considered as Queen of Wedding Dresses.

Various Ways To Present Cheap Seed Wedding Favors

Wedding favors come in so many options to choose from. Depending on your budget, you can present the most elegant wedding favors or some modest small gifts to your guests. Choosing wedding favors also depends on the theme of your wedding, which can be anything that fits your personality and likes. For example, if you are an earth-friendly bride, you will most likely choose eco-friendly favor ideas such as seed favors.

If you op to give seed wedding favors, there are various choices of annuals or perennials, shrubs, trees, or even houseplants to choose from. While seeds make a wonderful gift idea for your friends and loved ones during your green or garden themed wedding, you don’t want to present them lose to your guests. Good packaging is a plus to make the seed truly impressive.

There are various ways to present cheap wedding seed favors. Here are some that you may consider:

Packaging seeds in small envelopes is so far the easiest and simplest way to present seed wedding favors. Small seed envelopes are available in many different bright colors. Choose a color that matches the colors of your wedding. It is so easy to package seeds in your envelopes. Just simply put them inside each envelope and you are good to go. You may opt to personalize the envelopes to create an interesting effect. You can have them embossed with you names, wedding date, and a personal message.

Placing the seeds into attractive favor boxes is also another wonderful way to package your eco-friendly wedding favors. The boxes are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Square small boxes are the most common to be used during weddings. Additionally, they come in various fashionable prints, like polka dots which is a hit nowadays. To further enhance these little boxes, you can use a matching ribbon or some laces for a special effect.
For a more natural look, you can use organza to wrap the seeds. This is the cheapest way to package seed wedding favors and also very easy to do. You can use a special string or ribbon to tie the ends of the organza to secure the seeds inside. This gives a raw and natural look to your seed wedding favors, perfect for your garden or eco-friendly nuptial.

Last but not the least, you can use pots to present your seed wedding favors. However, this doesn’t mean you will have them laid in traditional bigger pots. There are mini pots that can be decorated that are available in plastic or metal. All you need to do is to stuff the seeds into each pot and you may wrap it in organza or cellophane, whichever you choose.

Seed wedding favors are just one of the most popular earth-friendly ideas to give as thank you gifts for your party guests. If made personalized, they can make unique favors that will hardly be forgotten. Your guests will definitely enjoy nurturing your wedding favors, which will remind them later about you and your special day.

Cheap Wedding Ideas – An Affordable Option For Tight Budget

To prepare for a wedding can be very expensive because there are lots of wedding elements which are obviously needed and often come in relatively expensive cost. Ranging from the bride’s and groom’s wedding wardrobe, wedding reception to the wedding ceremony itself can totally leave the pocket empty. However, for those who opt for inexpensive wedding idea, there are also affordable option that are available mostly at discount stores and online stores. Just make sure that cheap ones doesn’t compromises the quality of the wedding essentials.

First, the preparation should focus who are to be the guests. Next is how you will inform them, this is where the wedding invitation play its role. Invitations are piece of paper that include the total involved in the nuptial, of course the date, venue and reception are included too. Though this may come in a piece of paper but its selection can cause too much. To be exempted, why not settle for cheap wedding invitations? After all, they can be very stylish, perfect for any types of wedding. There are cheap wedding invitations available with different themes like fall, winter, beach and destination themed invitation.

Wedding gifts for participants like gifts for groomsmen, bridesmaids, maid of honors and more can cost too much also. But of course, there are also cheap options, the best among them are personalized items. You may find this simple and cheap yet very meaningful if you add a personal touch. Inexpensive personalized choices for groomsmen include engraved pocket knives and watches, picture frames, hats, monogrammed wallets and the like. For bridesmaids, choices can be engraved compact mirrors, monogrammed purses and tote bags or cosmetics. There are lots of selection you can find, consider browsing the net or read some bridal magazines for more practical and cheap ideas.

Not only your wedding participants deserve something to bring home, your guests will appreciate favors too. Literally, favors are of different variety to choose from. You can find elegant and expensive but there are beautiful choices also that comes with affordable prices. You may consider a “For You” Scented Heart Soap Wedding Favors, these soap favors are scented with refreshing and romantic fragrance of soft rose petals. The soaps are are molded in a heart shape and rest on a nest of white paper thread. These favors are tied with a sheer organza ribbon with subtle metallic details. Another affordable choice are ‘Calla Lily Elegance’ Vase Shaped Candle Wedding Favors. These are displayed with small white flowers and sprigs of green leaves, perfect accent particularly in a garden-themed wedding. Just ass simple glass vases filled with calla lily flowers along with long tapered candles-there you go, a nice, affordable wedding favors that can match your table centerpieces.

Indeed, affordable wedding souvenirs like soap favors and candle favors can make your big day worth to be remembered. Although these favors were literally made out of cheap and simple items but adding extra design and creativity turns them into a beautiful, one of a kind wedding remembrance!

Muslim Wedding – Handover Nikah To Walima Invitations Selection With You

Wedding the most beautiful celebration on this earth. This is relationship between two persons is completely based on understanding and trust and the society does give its approval by taking part in marriage events. The celebration of this occasion especially in Asian countries is very huge. To organize an Asian wedding is very difficult task, since there are so many preparation which needs to be done. As Muslim marriages are exotic and have a lot many celebrations events, it is important to give importance to every possible details regarding the event so that it can be assured that nothing is left unplanned. Right from the Nikah cards to Walima invitations, all are decided and designed specially beforehand ascertaining that the event is a hit and every guest praises the hosts for the arrangements.

People start planning for this occasion at least 3 to 4 months before the actual event date. The celebration starts with the arrangements for the wedding venue, the decoration, the list of functions, the selection of wedding cards then their distribution which is the toughest task. This is a very emotional event, so proper care is taken in all the functions.

The Muslim weddings are very famous even in western countries, people there actually appreciate these wedding and even plan their wedding in this way. Asian countries are very much admired for this culture. Wedding is there in each and every community but its celebration differs according to the customs and traditions of the community. Some famous weddings are Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Bengali, etc. Now a day’s many wedding planner companies are their which makes your wedding more easy and unique. These companies arrange everything for the wedding keeping in mind the traditions and culture. Once you finalize the wedding planner half work is done just provide him with your requirements and budget and they will provide you with the best deal. However, there are two opinions regarding the wedding invitations or walima invitations as some people believe that handing over the cards and card distribution to some wedding planner could sometime be irksome. Since wedding planner do not understand who all guests are important and what sort of card is to be sent to them. For them all guests are alike and they do not sometime follow up that the guests are coming. Thus it is said that the hosts should keep this task with them always so that the guests feel that the hosts have personally invited them and they are not invited by some wedding planner. Also, it is said that hosts should choose the wedding and walima invitations by themselves as this allows them to give a personal touch to the cards.

These wedding planners are very professional and while making the arrangements they make sure that every single function, food, decoration, music is according to the society. Since these wedding are very traditional. They always try to keep that traditional look on their top priority. Theme based weddings are very much in trend now a days and very much appreciated also. They even plan for the walima and walima invitation cards are sent to the guests requesting them to be present the occasion to bless the couple. Bride’s lehanga, groom’s Sherwani, the pandal and Dholi are also chosen according to the marriage theme. Everything is in so much combination that it simply looks wow. Wedding planner actually made the wedding planning very easy and comfortable, it gives lot of time to the family members and now they can enjoy the function.

Many wedding planning sites are there which provide you online details of the themes; the functions and the budget and you can easily choose the one which suits you. Asian Wedding is something which is very unique and different; it is a celebration which attracts the western natives a lot. Years have passed but the craze for exotic theme weddings is increasing day by day and so is the number of wedding planners.

Traditional Wedding Gifts Around the Globe

Across the globe, from the sunny western coasts of California to the snowy wilderness of the Russian Federation and everywhere in between, people are generally the same and tend to have similar ways of celebrating life-changing events such as weddings.

No matter in what country the ceremony is taking place, no matter the length of it or the particulars involved, a few basic things remain the same: two people are committing to one another to spend the rest of their lives together. This is an important step that is usually celebrated by the exchanging of gifts, and this is where the world’s cultures come into their own and shine indivudally.

Every culture has specific gift-giving traditions and customs that accentuate it and set it apart from neighbouring countries. Some of these customs have been adapted around the world and some have remained integral, cultural conventions.

In African tribes, wedding gifts of livestock including goatskins and sheep are often presented to the newlyweds along with wedding brooms and potjie, heavy, iron cookery pots. Wedding brooms are used for the traditional African custom of the jumping of the broom, a practice that symbolises commitment.

Northeast of Africa, in Asia, wedding gifts tend to be monetary. As a result, Chinese, Indian and Japanese cultures all adhere to the tradition of presenting envelopes filled with crisp currency to brides and grooms. In China, customary gifts called li shi are offered as wedding gifts. The li shi is a monetary gift usually presented in a red envelope containing 99 Chinese yuan or 999 Chinese yuan. In Chinese culture, the word for ‘nine,’ ‘long’ and ‘forever’ are all the same.

Over 2,000 kilometres south, Vietnamese wedding gift traditions include the presentation of pink chalk, which symbolises happiness, and a betel plant, which represents respect. Back on the Asian mainland, Tibetans celebrate weddings by tying traditional wedding scarves called khata around the newlyweds’ necks. These scarves symbolise purity, goodwill and compassion.

Customary wedding gifts in Europe are as varied as the countries comprising this region. In Greece, the bride and groom are presented with homemade cakes made of honey, quince and sesame seeds. To the north, Italian brides follow a tradition called buste in which money is placed in a satin bag she carries during the reception.

In Holland, it is customary to present the bride and groom with the bulbs of lilies of the valley to be planted around their new home in an effort to promote happiness in their new life. Recently, with British culture on the cusp of sustainable living, tree and plant gifts are becoming more prevalent. Giving someone a tree as a wedding gift is an ingenious idea since you can purchase a tree or a plant that carries with it a traditional, significant meaning.

You can find a number of trees that would make perfect wedding presents for newlyweds in the UK including opportunities for the bride and groom to plant their own tree at their ceremony location. Sites like Tree2mydoor offer wedding packages and can help you in making an informed decision about the best type of tree to purchase for a specific location or type of house.

Honeymoon in Shimla : Best Wedding Gift For Partner

As winter season is approaching and let you celebrate most awaiting festivals of the year as the Christmas and New Year celebration, during this time coming for a holiday in Shimla let you enjoy your best. If your holiday is all about honeymoon in Shimla then nothing is better than this. Though this hill station creates best romantic ambience for couples but not only for honeymooners, even family and groups can enjoy the most.

If you are fortunate enough then with your partner you can enjoy the trip as you are in Swiss and different kind of holiday experience with your Shimla honeymoon package. Here, you will be discovering everything that you have predicted and desired have fun with during your honeymoon vacation and loving vacations. Peaceful atmosphere, snowfall, Chilly weather and of course the perspective of natural appeal for a great holiday.

It is of course the best way of experiencing your honeymoon in Shimla in an unforgettable way where you need not concern about price range, doing preparations on your own or takes the liability of any other work. There are several well known trip and journey providers providing you some eye-catching and amazing trip offers that will absolutely go well you price range and make your desire real for the perfect time ever experienced by you. Here, it’s your phrase to choose the best company or service agency. Among some of the top organizations and trip organizers, name of Himachal Tourist Information comes on the top for offers have fun with Shimla honeymoon package.

When you are booking your honeymoon in Shimla trip through leading travel agencies, choose best option within your budget and even you can make your holiday in customize way for unlimited fun and excitement. According to your tour packages are concerned, they include features like: pick and drop facilities from airport and railway station, hotel transfer, accommodation in honeymoon suite or luxurious rooms, candle lit dinner, multi-cuisine food, sightseeing, privacy, massage, spa, and a lot more.

Finding one of the acclaimed travel agency for booking honeymoon in Shimla is an ideal decision. Among some of the top companies that have been bringing you tour packages for memorable honeymoon in India; Honeymoon Tour Planner comes on the top. With specialization in honeymoon tours, the leading tour and travel agency also offers customized tours that include everything according to your choice and budget.

In order to book your right Shimla honeymoon package, book right choice through top travel agencies and get best vacation offers that suits to your pocket.